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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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“After watching, tears involuntarily appear in my eyes” – an honest review of “Avatar. The path of the water

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 23:16:29

Avatar. El Camino del Agua” was seen by hundreds of millions of people

Photo: frame of the film.

I confess, I hit my forehead and break my hat. I did not see the first “Avatar”, good people! I understand that it is necessary to admit this in public, in the square. But it’s cold, so by letter.

No, these blue boys appeared on the TV, and generally speaking, I understood what it was about. But I didn’t understand why it was so popular. Now I understand, yes.

About the fact that James Cameron divinely knows how to shoot, everyone wrote. And that the picture is fascinating, and that the invented creatures are like living beings, and the created world is comparable to Star Wars and Harry Potter. And yes, the three bloody three hours of the movie (“I won’t sit that long!”) fly by a lot faster than an hour and a half of any “Christmas Tree”.

But that’s not even magic. Beneath the impeccable cinematography beats the heart of a great novel, there’s something from Moby Dick and Fathers and Sons.

In the warm and bright world of the new Avatar, the real human soul is visible. Yes, highbrow critics have probably already seen all this and know all the techniques used, but a new reading of timeless themes and primitive experiences is always surprising. Don’t turn around, no. But after the session, many neighbors had tears in their eyes. And to be honest, old books are a thing of the past, only a few, even hundreds, read them. and avatar. El Camino del Agua” was seen by hundreds of millions of people.

Cameron carefully inspected the planet he created and drew a new aquatic location. He populated the ocean with prehistoric animals that, however, turned out to be quite domestic. He invented another people, related to the blue, but living on the gifts of water and having greenish skin. I agree, in words it looks like a second grader’s pencil drawing, but on the screen… That same notorious magic appears on the screen, almost like our great-great-grandparents from “Running the Train.”

The heroes of the first part are forced to hide from their distant green relatives. And then, together with them, participate in the battle with the eternally evil earthlings. And in his family, children grow up, adolescents, even blue ones, remain adolescents. It turns out that for fantastic heroes the assessment of the father is no less important than for those who sit in the hall. Cameron does not really forgive the viewer, so there are a lot of experiences, pain and tragedies in the film, but the victory, of course, will be forever. At least until the beginning of the third movie.

Well, perhaps the most surprising thing about the new ‘Avatar’ is the complete absence of the subject of same-sex relationships, which seems to be necessary for the Oscars. Somehow, apparently by itself, it turned out that in this ancient communal world, these themes did not even occur to the creators. However, perhaps in the third part (and it is already being filmed), Cameron will come to his senses and come up with some politically correct nonsense.

But still, now I won’t miss the third part for nothing. I will definitely check it out, I promise!

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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