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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Air Nostrum pilots go back on strike this Monday for labor improvements

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 11:11:50

The Spanish Union of Airline Pilots (Sepla) has reported that another indefinite strike begins this Monday at Air Nostrum in search of labor improvements like the one carried out last December and January, indefinitely and at all bases and centers work every Monday and Friday.

According to Sepla, the company has systematically rejected proposals from technical crew members in favor of fair working conditions and professional classification, as well as those aimed at alleviating the loss of purchasing power.

Support of 92% of the assembly

92% of the votes in the assembly held on January 30 and 31.

The Valencian company has reiterated the offer presented in the SIMA Mediation Service in December to the group of pilots and which reaches an accumulated salary increase in the next three years of 13% consolidated and a further 3% unconsolidated based on the objectives for the second pilots (in total they can reach 16%) and a consolidated 10% for the commanders with an unconsolidated 3% (13% in total).

These are figures that are in line with what is being negotiated in the sector and above the average of most of the country’s collective agreements, according to Air Nostrum.

New “indefinite” unemployment

The airline regrets the call for a strike and considers the indefinite strike measure “unjustified”, which “seriously harms the interests of passengers” on days when a good part of air traffic is concentrated, coinciding with the fines for the week, Monday and Friday, and appeals to the responsibility of the collective to call off the strike.

The Sepla already carried out a calendar of strikes over eight days between December 22 and January 3 due to the “blockade” in the negotiation of the collective agreement in aspects of working and salary conditions.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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