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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Aircraft monitoring and accident prevention: new ERA-GLONASS technologies announced at Innoprom

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 14:09:31

At the 14th international industrial exhibition-forum “Innoprom” in Yekaterinburg, new technologies in ERA-GLONASS were announced. Nine years ago, the first Russian and world state information system for alerting about transport emergencies was launched. Its main goal is to improve the safety of millions of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. During this time, more than 11 million cars have been connected to it. Alexey Raikevich, General Director of GLONASS JSC, was invited to the mobile radio studio of Komsomolskaya Pravda at Innoprom and spoke about what the system can already do and what new technologies will be introduced in the near future.


The main function of ERA-GLONASS is the rapid transmission of data on traffic accidents to emergency services.

– The system automatically sends information with the exact coordinates of the accident site to the 112 services in all regions of the country within seconds. This is especially important in cases where people inside the vehicle cannot call the rescuers themselves. Thus, the system halves the arrival time of emergency services and makes it possible to provide assistance during the so-called “golden hour”, when the chances of saving people are multiplied by more than five times, notes Alexey Raikevich.

Over the 9 years of ERA-GLONASS system’s round-the-clock operation, about 390 thousand emergency calls were transferred to the 112 service. Currently, JSC GLONASS is developing a system that can prevent accidents on roads.

“In the very near future, devices will appear that are designed to inform drivers about situations on the road that require increased attention and thus help prevent accidents,” says Alexey Raikevich.

The system is also being improved in such a way that an emergency signal can be sent from anywhere in the Russian Federation, not only from those areas where there is cellular communication. Currently, the creation of a mobile satellite channel for SOS buttons in cars that connect to ERA-GLONASS is being developed.


In 2024, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin ordered the inclusion of a hybrid communication network based on the ERA-GLONASS system in the national project for the development of unmanned aircraft systems.

– Thanks to the system, it is now possible to organize drone tracking across the country. Our infrastructure has been providing real-time monitoring of passenger transport, transportation of dangerous goods and small aircraft for many years. We have launched a number of drone-related projects, meaning the system is ready for use,” said Alexey Raikevich.

JSC GLONASS is also working on the issue of providing the entire territory of the Russian Federation with hybrid communication networks, including a satellite channel, as well as high-precision navigation.


By 2025, all forestry equipment will be connected to the ERA-GLONASS-based monitoring system.

– From January 1 to March 1, 2025, forest firefighting equipment, forestry equipment and timber transport equipment will be gradually connected to our platform. ERA-GLONASS data will be transferred to the FSIS of the Forestry Complex. We have successfully tested this function with Rosleskhoz and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. Connection to the state information system will increase the transparency of the industry and ensure additional safety for workers in this field. Installation of satellite communication channels in cutting areas and plots located hundreds of kilometers from the nearest cellular coverage area will provide workers with a channel for transmitting emergency signals, says the company’s general director.


A federal system of passenger transport control is also being created on the basis of the ERA-GLONASS system. This will help solve the problem of illegal carriers, primarily in intercity bus transport.

– Our main task is to reduce the proportion of “illegal immigrants” using digital technologies, but not to overload the industry. Therefore, we proposed a very elegant, in our opinion, solution to the problem: to provide each transport and each ticket with a unique identifier. Accordingly, electronic ticketing platforms and bus stations will request confirmation of the legality of the flight from our system before selling the ticket,” says Alexei Raikevich.

The system will help improve service quality and passenger safety, and will also provide legal carriers with new opportunities to increase revenue while reducing the grey market segment.

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