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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Aleksey Panin, Who Shattered His Life, Spoke for the First Time About the Sad Fate of His Fourth Daughter

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 09:44:49

Alexey Panin went public with four daughters in 2021. Three of them came from separate women that he had relationships and the youngest was from a relationship with his partner. Now, don’t worry, because he’s not broken up about it.

Alexey Panin has never once talked about his personal life. Despite the actress’ scandalous breakup, his name cleared and he continued to have a successful career! For many years, the man battled with his mistress for access to raising Nyusya, who was forced to live away from her mother in Spain.

The Star has three other daughters from a previous relationship: Maria and Sofia. In 2011, gynecologist Tatyana Savina gave birth to Alexei’s first daughter. Less than a week later, another woman, Olga Maruzhenko, gave him a third child. The baby’s name was Sofia.

This particular heiress named Adele does not know who her actual father is. As soon as she found out, she was very excited to confide in Panin. However, Panin told her that he didn’t feel the need to meddle in someone else’s family life. He explained that they sometimes communicate with Adele’s mother.

“My two children from different women were born in the same year and month, but with a difference of three days,” he admitted. “I accidentally found out from my friends that I have a fourth child. This child lives in another family.” They don’t say that he is the father of this child, and they do not have the same mother.

Gus never really cared for Sonya, but she was a fuck buddy with benefits. He dated her just long enough to get what he wanted and then dumped her. He wasn’t particularly involved with his daughter, which is why they are finally divorced. Now that he’s a single dad, Gus is desperate for some of Masha’s affection again.

“Our lives were a little too stormy for what we should have been. We were supposed to be the perfect couple, there was so much happiness and joy until one moment when I completely mess everything up in the blink of an eye. I hurt her so much; she had to put up with me for so many years and then I decided that this was something I need to do of my own free will. It was during that moment that Tanya did the only thing she knew how to do in this type of situation: she simply accepted it.” – Robert Pattinson.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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