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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Alexander Domogarov: “If I could go back 30 years, I would live a different life”

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 09:37:09

Alexander acts in movies and plays for most of his life. And he still finds acting to be a great job. Photo: Ekaterina CHESNOKOVA / RIA Novosti

The age is solid, although even today many viewers perceive Domogarov solely for the role of the handsome Comte de Bussy from the TV series “Countess of Monsoro”. He could wear this heroic mask his entire life. But the acting nature takes its toll and seeks diversity.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the People’s Artist, Lermontov’s “Masquerade”, staged by Nina Chusova, where Domogarov plays the role of Arbenin, premieres at the Central Academic Theater of the Russian Army.

“This theater, and not my native Mossovet Theater, offered its stage so that a stage performance could be created, which for me is an anniversary report for the audience,” Domogarov told fans. – Time, as always, is not enough. I don’t feel ready… But we’ll do the best we can.

He still throws himself into the work with an enthusiasm that is amazing for such an experienced artist. On the eve of his birthday, the hero of the day answered questions from journalists.

– When you have 30 in your soul, and 60 in your passport, how can you feel?! This is a significant date. You can’t go anywhere, Domogarov admits. – Some say: it’s time to take stock. I hope it is premature to draw conclusions. It is absurd to say that everything is ahead. No, a lot is already behind. But, I think this is a milestone when other spaces and opportunities open up before you… Although, if there was a chance to go back 20 – 30 years ago, but with my current experience and brain, I probably would have lived a different life.

“Over the years, I became scrupulous”

– What else is in the creative stash, except for the play “Masquerade”?

– I used to be able to combine 2 – 3 jobs at the same time. Now I understand: it is better to do one thing well. Masquerade comes out on my birthday, July 12. The performance is technically complex, emotionally complex. At first I was going to hold a creative evening in July. But I realized: it is impossible to combine the preparation for the evening with rehearsals for the performance. The evening decided to move to October.

Over the years I have become very sensitive. Perfectionist. Arbenin is a role for a high-class artist. Very high bar. I play Shakespeare – “Richard III.” This is also world literature. But if I forget a few phrases from Shakespeare’s Russian translation, no one from the audience will notice. If I make a mistake in Lermontov’s poems, many will notice it. Therefore, I have no margin for error.

– After all, you once already played in the play “Masquerade” at the Army Theater …

– 28 years ago I played Zvezdich in a production directed by Leonid Kheifets. Now I look at the young artist who plays Zvezdich and I am reminded of myself. Time puts its accents. This is an extremely difficult profession, and you have to eat more than a handful of salt before you can capture the attention of the audience, captivate them. Only with your own energy can you beat the hall and recover a burst of energy. As for the roles, it is a mask that is difficult for you to maintain. But when you take this mask off, the glue still remains on your face. You won’t get anywhere. This is the image that remains.

Handsome Count in the television series “Condesa de Monsoro” (1997). Photo: Still from the film.

“I am a citizen of my country”

– You did not leave the country a year ago, like some of your colleagues did.

– I am a citizen of my country, I love my country and I will never leave it. Here are my roots, here are the graves of my parents. Here are my teachers. There is a saying: where you were born there and it suited you.

-What offers in cinema?

– I don’t see myself in those projects that they offer me today. There is always a dilemma for artists: kill time with bad material and earn money, or act, even in a small role, but to get great aesthetic pleasure. I recently watched two series – “Actresses” and “Ballet”, both impressed me in terms of the work of the actors. I was surprised by the direction and the cinematography.

– In the fall, a new part of “Midshipmen” is released, in which you starred. How did you manage to run such a long marathon?

– Director Svetlana Druzhinina and her husband, cameraman Anatoly Mukasey, shot two new feature films “Midshipmen 1787”: “War” and “Peace”. I am happy that 30 years ago I was lucky to meet Svetlana Sergeevna and Anatoly Mikhailovich. They don’t make people like them anymore. Druzhinina has incredible energy, and next to her is a person with a completely different temperament. They have been together for over 60 years. And they still make great movies.


“Sasha fights and jumps beautifully”

Director Svetlana Druzhinina has been fascinated by the hero of the day for many years.

“I love Sasha very much, like a son,” Svetlana Sergeevna told KP. -The first time she appeared in my photo (the second part of “Midshipmen, go ahead!”), When I needed to voice Sergey Zhigunov. The sound engineer found an actor he had never heard of before. I entered the room when the artist was already working. Very beautiful voice, he quickly caught the comments. Only when the episode ended, the lights came on, and the stranger turned to me, did I finally see him. It was Sasha Domogarov. And within the first minute I was sorry that he wasn’t in our movie from the beginning!

I invited him to the third part of “Midshipmen”. Sasha moves well, fights with swords, rides a horse. At the trial, we gave her a huge black stallion. She jumped on this horse and ran into the forest. Neither the horse nor Sasha left for a long time. Suddenly we see: from the other end of the field a horse nervously walks under Domogarov. Both are in burdocks, soaped. Domogarov is a unique equestrian. He was born in the saddle. I think Sasha has southern blood. His ancestors are from the first wave of emigration, but he doesn’t like to talk about his noble roots. Also, Sasha is an incredibly musical person.

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