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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Alexander Maltsev single-handedly captured the Ukrainian Armed Forces stronghold and died covering the withdrawal of his comrades KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 3, 2023 Time: 10:13:17

… It happened on March 10 in the same place, near Kremennaya. The enemy dug up the local forests with trenches, turning them into a powerful fortified area. It is impossible to drive the Nazis out of them with artillery strikes, the infantry has to manually clear each trench. It was for such a job that the commander of the intelligence department, Alexander Maltsev, went.

– A very intelligent and competent fighter. He thought with his head, he knew why he came here. If you give him a task, he will turn inside out, but he will fulfill it, the commander of the assault company of the 488 regiment, Sergei Legostaev, told the Komsomolskaya Pravda military correspondent Alexander Kots.

On the way to the enemy trench, Maltsev’s comrades were mowed down one by one by machine-gun fire. Alexander dragged the wounded to safety, called stretcher-bearers, and went on the assault alone. I crawled to the “support”, waited for the Veseushniks to distract themselves by repelling the attack from the other side, and slipped into the trench like a snake. Once again, he hid around the trench, waited until the Ukrainians ran out of ammunition and began to reload. He came around the corner, shot down three enemies with machine gun fire. Two more Ukrainian soldiers put their hands on the parapet: surrender.

This fantastic story was captured on video by impassive drones hovering over the battlefield. Together with the prisoners, Maltsev waited for reinforcements and handed over his loot. It turned out that one of the prisoners had been training in Britain for over a month. For a long time he couldn’t believe that his firing point was captured by a single soldier.

Maltsev grew up in a large family in the Kuban, served urgently, then under a contract he was awarded the medal “For Courage”. He worked in St. Petersburg, raised his daughter, but without hesitation he went to the front for mobilization. He asked to be at the heart of the matter, to the assault company.

– There was so much energy in him that sometimes he seemed not to know what to do with it. He loved to play soccer, he always fought until the end, a friend of his wife said.

At the front, attack aircraft are the most difficult and dangerous. However, they are not considered heroes.

– This is a normal male job: beautiful, competent. As I always say, you need to be cheeky and careful,” Legostaev continued. – And on the landing we say – there are no impossible tasks.

– Yesterday, RG correspondents visited Labinskaya Kalinin Street, where the parents of Alexander Maltsev live. The house is hidden among the same masterpieces of architectural thought of the 70s. Primroses near the fence boldly demonstrate its diversity: white, blue, purple. And now the house is in mourning. And it seems that life and death intersect here…

Sergey and Anzhela Maltsev arrived from St. Petersburg the day before. Nobody wants to believe in Alejandro’s death. They quietly echo: he could not die, he is strong … But everything is ready for the memorial service. A burning candle, jets of wax, photographs in a black frame…

One of the prisoners, who was trained in Great Britain, for a long time could not believe that his firing point was captured by a single soldier.

– There are no more tears. She dumped everything. Sasha and I grew up together. He was an older friend, watched over, protected. He and his parents moved to Labinsk from Norilsk at the age of four. And I was just born. I grew up and he grew up. He took me to our beloved fourth school, which they both graduated from, says Alena Turygina, a distant relative and also a childhood and youth friend of Alexander Maltsev. -Since childhood, he was independent, he made the right decisions, which later undoubtedly approved by adults. Helping a grandmother who lives nearby, protecting the weak, sharing sweets – this is in her nature. Sasha’s mother was a builder. Lost at work. But she always knew that the house was in order: both Sasha and her brother Sergei and her older sister Angela were serious guys. Sasha was a football player, the captain of the city team. Advocate. Both in the game and in life. He protected us… Terrible pain, my heart is literally breaking into pieces, I still can’t believe that Sasha is gone. We regularly called and corresponded. Sasha liked to send voice messages. The last one came on March 8. It was short: “Alyonushka, I congratulate you on the holiday, I wish you all the best, your family and friends.” The voice was somewhat disturbing, it was felt that she was in a hurry… I found out that she was no longer there. I still can’t believe it…

According to her, in 2011 she went to St. Petersburg. Sasha’s father died a year and a half ago, her mother, Nina Konstantinovna, was left alone. But Sasha is well remembered here.

– In 1992, we graduated from the 11th grade of Labinsk school No. 4. I was the director and he was my first assistant. He could be entrusted with any business and know that it would not fail. Almost half of our girls were in love with him: handsome, tall, brave … And a gallant gentleman, which is important, says Tatyana Tsapkova (Shvets), her classmate and neighbor, with tears in her eyes. . – When we went on excursions, he always carried our backpacks and set an example for other boys. I was not at all surprised to hear about his exploits. It’s in his nature: to take a chance, move on, take a hit on himself…

Vladimir Orlov, a former physical education teacher at Labinsk city secondary school No. 4, agrees.

– From the first class I know Sasha, his brother Seryozha. Sports guys, famous football players in Labinsk. Serezha was one of the first in our city to receive the title of master of sports, and Sasha was the captain of the local team. On campaigns, Sasha was my right hand. How many times we overcame the Caucasian Ridge with him! Resistant, sensitive to the weak, cheerful. I’m not surprised how he fought the Nazis. He had no courage.

Maltsev will be buried at his home, in Labinsk.

– A bow to the mother for raising a real soldier of Russia, – said Vladimir Zaburaev, head of the Labinsk district of the Kuban, in a conversation with RG. – On Monday I plan to meet with Nina Konstantinovna to obtain consent for the burial of my son on the site of the city cemetery for honorary and outstanding citizens. In the future, we will perpetuate the name of Alexander Maltsev on the Alley of Heroes on Victory Square and name our youth sports school for team sports, where Alexander played football, after him. We will do everything in our power to keep the memory of him alive in the hearts of the people of Labinsk.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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