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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Alexander Pashutin proposed to deprive artists of the orders and titles of anti-Russian speeches.

Date: March 30, 2023 Time: 10:23:32

The People’s Artist of Russia made such a proposal at a creative meeting at RIA Novosti


The famous artist Alexander Pashutin, who will be 80 the other day, traveled to Luhansk and gave a concert there. The feeling, he says, of a frontline city.

“There were two fighters with machine guns on each floor,” said Alexander Sergeevich. – There were guys in the hall who came from the front line. The concert went well. It was frightening? No… There is a curfew, the streets are deserted. In Lugansk it is quite calm. I will not say that the guns rumbled. If there is another opportunity, I will gladly run there – to Donbass, to Lugansk. In Moscow, we acted in the Vishnevsky hospital in front of the wounded. Now it is very important to support the soldiers.

But there are artists who made strong statements against our country. I don’t want to say their names… I don’t know what it is… Either they don’t have a brain, or something else. What is happening to our brothers?

For example, actor N … (Poshutin did not give his last name, but probably meant Dmitry Nazarov – Ed.). How can he be a People’s Artist of Russia if he went against his people? This is absurd! He should be like in the army. If an officer is found guilty, ranks, orders, and state awards are taken away. And here it is the same.

Nobody wants to judge. But we have all pop singers – folk artists. Here he once performed at a government concert, and he is already a people’s artist. How is this possible? Also, it is not clear to me how a person who betrayed his homeland can have the Order of Merit for the Fatherland? …

Recall that two weeks ago, 65-year-old Dmitry Nazarov (the stars of the TV series “Kitchen”) and his wife, actress Olga Vasilyeva, were fired from the Moscow Chekhov Art Theater. The artistic director of the theater Konstantin Khabensky broke with them due to their Russophobic position and criticism of the NWO.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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