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Monday, March 4, 2024
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Alikhanov on the ban on the entry of Polish trucks: there will be an exception for the Kaliningrad region

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 05:11:28

Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Anton Alikhanov

Photo: Viktor GUSEYNOV

On Tuesday, May 23, the deputies of the State Duma in their plenary session voted unanimously to ban the passage of Polish trucks through the territory of Russia. This is the long-awaited reaction of our parliamentarians to the hostile steps from Warsaw towards Russia: in Poland, monuments to Soviet soldiers are destroyed, our symbols are mocked, and property belonging to our state is taken away.

We discussed the initiative of the deputies with the head of the westernmost region of the country, Anton Alikhanov…

… – Anton Andreevich, the State Duma unanimously decided to ban the passage of Polish trucks through the territory of Russia. are you for

– I am against. If we are talking about Kaliningrad… There should be an exception for us.

– Let us then explain in more detail what the exception is and why it should worry Anton Andreevich and – the whole region.

– If you look at the map, everything is quite simple. The Kaliningrad region is, in fact, located between two EU countries: Lithuania and Poland. And Russia, including our region, continues to trade with the EU.

And it is important for us that we can bring certain goods. This, and food, sometimes some equipment, something else, through the territory of Poland.

These are not always Polish carriers, there are both German and other countries.

– I hope that your interests have been taken into account in the Duma.

– So, as far as I know, in the text of the resolution that you mentioned, there is a special clause about us.

It is important for us to maintain the opportunity for European and Polish carriers, in particular, to come to our territory.

So you want…

– Yes, we want and insist, and we ask our deputies (elected from the Kaliningrad region. -AG) to take into account our interests. Which, by the way, they spoke within the walls of the lower house of parliament, and this moment is reflected in the text.

I would also like to note that the State Duma has adopted a resolution that will be sent to the government, with a request to make such a decision already at the regulatory level. In the meantime, this remains a recommendation for the Cabinet of Ministers.

– And if you take into account your interests, that is, specifically, the Kaliningrad region …

– And we are also working on this with the government, in particular, with the Ministry of Transport, so that an exception is made for us.

In a word, we are in a slightly different situation here. We have our own specifications. You understand…

– Yeah… Well, that’s great. So we will give such a balanced comment.

– Good.

– What else to add – about the life of his native Kaliningrad region?

– Yes, so far nothing, Alexander, we live, everything is fine. No special news. Since there will be something serious and important, I will definitely tell you.

– All right, you call.

– Agreed. Thank you.

– Bye bye.

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