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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Alla Pugacheva is being treated in Israel for a secret illness

Date: March 28, 2023 Time: 08:24:29

Alla Pugacheva cures a secret disease

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

“Alla Pugacheva fled the country”, “Alla Borisovna could not leave her husband Galkin * and went after him”, “Alla Pugacheva left Russia forever.” Many rumors have already been born around the departure of the Prima Donna from Russia to Israel. Friends, colleagues and ordinary fans are still wondering why the artist left Russia and what happened to her in her life. In order not to beat around the bush, Komsomolskaya Pravda decided to directly contact the relatives and friends of the star. For the first time they broke the silence and agreed to speak anonymously about her vision of the events that occurred around Pugacheva.


Despite the possible departure from the country of Alla Pugacheva’s grandson Nikita Presnyakov, the singer left many close relatives in Russia, whom she helped financially throughout her life. All of them closely follow what is written about the Diva in the press and are perplexed by the wave of negativity that has fallen on her.

“Now such a huge negative energy is coming in your direction, so we will speak anonymously,” the relatives of the star who remained in Russia, whom Alla Pugacheva helped for many years, shared with KP. We try not to get into this situation. Because what happens to the rich is still their business. You need to understand that Alla has a completely different standard of living than ours, so she has her own problems, we have ours. But for some reason everyone is interested in why Pugacheva left. In fact, she didn’t tell us. But let’s put it this way: a long time ago, many years ago, Alla shared that sooner or later she would go to Israel. And they all knew it. Maybe everything is fine now.

Alla Pugacheva and her husband left for Israel Photo: Larisa KUDRYAVTSEVA / EG

Have you talked to her lately?

– No, we don’t communicate. But journalists call all the time and ask to speak. Everyone has the same question: “How is it?” We ourselves do not know how. But the answer to this complex question is actually very simple. The man left because he wanted to. She loves it there!

– She doesn’t work there now, does she have enough savings to live on?

How much he actually earns, no one knows. We never look in his wallet. She is a business woman all her life, but for us it is a dark forest.


Have you left the country forever?

– Let’s start to analize. The hype began with headlines: “Pugacheva flew out of the country, he will not return.” Then he flies back to Russia, again the hype. Then Alla flies away again. And again everyone writes that she will not return. All this nonsense is discussed all the time. So is she gone forever or not? She returned. I will also tell you now that she is gone forever, and she will take it tomorrow and come! Everything is simple here: she wanted – she came, she wanted – she left. And Alla does not talk about her visits with anyone. She’s an Aries, a zodiac sign that you don’t put your finger in your mouth. I’ll tell you more, everything in her life has been planned for a long time.

So she can come back?

Where will he return? Where does a person always want to be? Where he is comfortable. Where is Alla Borisovna more comfortable? Wherever she is, the most important thing is that everything is fine with her. It doesn’t matter where in the world she is. And most importantly, she did not do any bad deeds.

How do you feel about his departure?

– We treat this like a human being. God is your judge. She knows what she’s doing. But how can we hate her without knowing the whole truth? We have not yet seen a direct text from her, recording a video with her so that she said some specific words directly to the camera that affect certain things (in fact, Alla Pugacheva still spoke on her social networks with strong criticism Russia – ed. .) .

Pugacheva has been going to Israel for a long time.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

– Her husband speaks negatively of Russia.

– These are your problems. We are not your judge. Everything that happens around Alla is her world, not ours. Now, due to the political situation in the world, everything is completely changing and changing on such a scale. But one thing we can say for sure: glory to Russia and the Russian spirit.


In turn, the father of Alla Pugacheva’s ex-husband, Bedros Kirkorov, is sure that it was not by chance that Pugacheva left the country. The singer also believes that the singer’s departure from the country has nothing to do with politics.

“I heard that Alla Pugacheva went to Israel for treatment,” Bedros Kirkorov told Komsomolskaya Pravda. But I don’t know what kind of disease she has. Perhaps this information is classified. She doesn’t want to reveal it. It’s her business, we have a free country.

By the way, Alla Pugacheva sent her nephew Vlad Pugacheva to Israel for treatment. A relative of Primadonna’s was reported to be suffering from hepatitis. The singer then spent six million rubles on doctors.

Most of the time, people go to Israel, which is known for its hospitals and cancer diagnostic centers, for cancer treatment. However, Alla Borisovna herself still does not reveal her diagnosis. But it is known that before she had many diseases. Five years ago, for example, an artist in Israel treated diabetes. After taking the drugs she was prescribed, Primadonna lost weight noticeably. Pugacheva has also had foot problems for a long time. The artist herself admitted that because of this she even developed a collection of comfortable shoes.

Alla Pugacheva’s grandson commented on her departure.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

The singer had previously had heart problems. Alla Pugacheva even underwent two operations. As the doctors suggested, her disease could develop due to plastic surgery. However, the artist herself denies that in recent years she has resorted to the help of surgeons. According to her, she went to Israel only for the appointment of cosmetic procedures.


“Don’t bother grandma”

Alla Pugacheva’s grandson Nikita Presnyakov is reported to have left Russia for the United States. The artist himself did not comment on his departure. But when asked how her grandmother lives, KP answered the following: -The best thing for you in this situation is not to bother her. Be humane, Nikita Presnyakov wrote to KP.

After the question: did you really leave the country? Pugacheva’s grandson deleted all correspondence with KP and blocked contact.


What about Pugacheva?

Alla Borisovna herself, apparently, finally decided to retire. On her social networks, the Diva shares only images of her vacation. The last publication that the singer published was in December of last year. The photo showed palm trees and blue skies.

“This is a view from my window. December skies over the Promised Land,” the singer said.

Apparently, now the artist lives on her savings.

* – recognized in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent.


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