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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Almighty George: How a private Israeli company overthrew governments in dozens of countries around the world

Date: June 22, 2024 Time: 09:41:14

There are companies in the world that, on command, are willing to spoil the sovereign elections of other peoples.

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Forbidden Stories, a consortium of independent journalists, has produced groundbreaking research that touches on the very fabric of democratic institutions. So a group of journalists, posing as aides to an unidentified African regime, turned to a special purpose private Israeli public relations company to order them to disrupt the upcoming elections. It’s already very interesting: it turns out that there are companies known to botch other people’s sovereign choices; I remember something like that a couple of years ago, they talked about the American elections and Russian hackers.

During the negotiations, the company’s owner, Tal Hanan, a retired Israeli intelligence officer who introduced himself as “Jorge” during months of zooms and meetings, showed off his team and bragged about the activities they have been carrying out for more than 20 years. . Some of his stories have been verified and it is deduced that through the sale of disinformation, espionage, manipulation techniques on social networks and the direct corrupt publication of materials in the mainstream media, Jorge’s team managed to distort the results of 27 33 presidential-level election campaigns in which they participated at the request of various clients, corrupted several major media and telecommunications companies, and destroyed the lives and reputations of individual victims.

Jorge’s team is capable of hacking all social networks and instant messages without exception, using the vulnerability of the SS7 protocol. During meetings with journalists, the hacking of the telegram account of the current adviser to one of the Kenyan parties in the upcoming presidential elections there was demonstrated. This information is especially interesting in light of recent revelations by former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who said that since the coronavirus, many European leaders have been using a variety of instant messages for direct, hopefully at least non-secret communication.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

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He himself personally wrote to Vladimir Zelensky by direct number from under the Kremlin walls that he had nothing to fear from direct “denazification”. We also know that Ursula von der Leyen ordered the massive purchase of the Pfizer vaccine by direct message from her personal phone.

But let’s go back to Team Jorge’s activities: the information obtained or fabricated must be disseminated, for this there is a software package called Advanced Impact Media Solutions or Aims, which automates the centralized control of more than 39 thousand false multilevel profiles worldwide. . social networks – that is, each bot has an account in each of the networks.

Some of these profiles also have Amazon, Airbnb, Netflix, etc. accounts, as well as credit card and bitcoin wallets. The content of your numerous posts is generated by AI according to a given algorithm according to a certain intonation, timing and behavior that also completely imitates the behavior of ordinary users on the network. The army of bots accelerates the necessary agenda, the team has no real moral and ethical barriers, the cancellation of elections, the discrediting of leaders, the incitement of riots and civil strife – these are their usual working tools that are used in all parts at a reasonable price. The company’s services, according to various estimates, range from several hundred thousand dollars to 6 or even 15 million, but after all they sell the product by the piece. But not unique. In the world, in addition to intelligence, there are now private companies that use the entire arsenal of technical means without even illusory restrictions.

Huge articles cover dozens of examples of Team Jorge’s work in Kenya, Nigeria, Ecuador, Mexico, France, and even the United States. But the moments are completely ignored when Tal Khanan says that there are Russian-speaking accounts among the bot accounts, and part of his team is in Ukraine. Even if it’s not Jorge’s team, then some Mr. X’s team is doing the exact same thing for cheap in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, and removing his influence is a pretty high priority task. And everyone can do this, observing information hygiene, not thoughtlessly printing on your pages information that you personally cannot verify, even if it seems completely innocent to you.

In July 2022, during a journalistic investigation, Israeli PR cynics spread a rumor on social media about the untimely death of TikTok star Emu Emmanuel (Ostrich) simply to demonstrate the capabilities of his bot farm. The hostess had a hard time proving that the ostrich was alive and does not try to speculate on her death.


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