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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Almost half of Spaniards support the change of headquarters of Ferrovial to the Netherlands

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 03:43:36

49% of Spaniards consider the decision of the construction company Ferrovial to move its headquarters to the Netherlands to be justified, one of the economies where it is easier to access financing, there are fewer obstacles and regulatory uncertainty for companies with a marked international character and a better tax treatment. This is how a quick survey carried out by Metroscopia immediately after the construction company’s announcement was made, which shows how widely divided Spaniards are on this issue: while 49% consider it justified, another 44% consider that it is not.

The consensus, on the other hand, is to classify Ferrovial’s departure as bad news for the image of Spain and for its economy, a logical response, which does not prevent there being a majority of 54% of those surveyed who consider that the decision it will be good or very good for the company controlled by Rafael del Pino. Even a significant percentage of 46% of PSOE voters agree with that vision. According to the data collected by the consultation, only 32% of Spaniards consider that the step taken could be bad for Ferrovial.

The own analysis carried out by the demoscopic company in view of the data warns that the answer given by those consulted is based above all on the political ideology of each of them: while the voters of PSOE, Unidas Podemos and nationalist parties considering that the change of venue is unjustified; Right-wing and abstentionist voters support him and defend that the transfer will be positive for Ferrovial.

In fact, Ferrovial’s change of headquarters to the Netherlands has reopened the debate on whether Spain offers the right conditions to attract foreign investors. When asked about it, 55% of those surveyed believe that the right conditions are not currently in place for capital to come, while 32% do believe that they do exist. Within this group, it stands out that not even the voters of the PSOE consider that Spain is providing this favorable context for investors, despite being part of the party that leads the current government. Only UP and nationalists firmly believe that the necessary climate does exist for the capital.

large or SMEs

In the complete analysis of the study data, it is contemplated that the Spanish as a whole is not clear whether it is good or bad that large companies come or increase in number in our country, compared to the generation of SMEs: only 24% believe they will that for the Spanish economy to be stronger, what is desirable is that there are more large companies and fewer small companies, compared to a vast majority of 73% who choose to defend the work of small and medium-sized companies. However, 51% of those consulted are in favor of facilitating the arrival of multinationals in the country, compared to 39% who reject it, led mainly by United We Can voters.

The study, prepared by the Metroscopia field team, was prepared on March 2 and 3, 2023 through 700 telephone interviews. The margin of error stands at ±4.2 points for a confidence margin of 95.5%. Differences up to 100 in the sum of response percentages correspond to the “don’t know” or “no answer” categories.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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