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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Alsou will repeat the clip “Winter Dream” in the comedy “Self-Irony of Fate”. The New Years mix of remakes will be shown on December 31st.

Date: June 1, 2023 Time: 19:06:46

Now it became known that another image known to the viewer will appear in the film – the singer Alsou from the clip “Winter Dream”.

Photo: TNT channel

More and more news is coming about the film “Self-Irony of Fate” (TNT), which has not yet been released, but is already scandalous. The New Year’s comedy managed to cause a resonance even before its broadcast. And that’s not all.

Now it became known that another image well-known to the viewer will appear in the film – the singer Alsou from the clip “Winter Dream”. Filmed by Yuri Grymov based on the plot of Nabokov’s Lolita, the video was released in 1999. Now it has been renewed.

Photo: TNT channel

The role of 16-year-old Alsou in the comedy “Self-Irony of Fate” will be played by 39-year-old Alsou. Everything will be the same as then: a white knitted sweater, and pigtails, and bare legs, and a battery with a teddy bear.

Photo: TNT channel

By the way, TNT also announced the release date of the New Year’s film – December 31. In fact, the picture will compete with the Soviet “Irony of Fate”. The creators of the project promise 45 stars and 12 music videos. TV channel veteran Garik Martirosyan is convinced that the tape is truly innovative.

Photo: TNT channel

“The idea of ​​making parodies of popular projects did not occur to us, but our little knowledge is who exactly we invite to do these parodies,” explained the showman. – When you watch the movie, you will understand that the number of stars and jokes can make your head spin.

His colleague Timur Batrutdinov emphasizes that the residents of the Comedy Club are not going to compete with the Soviet classics.

Photo: TNT channel

“It is impossible to play a child, an animal and the classics of Soviet cinema in the frame, so we did not even try to do it in our New Year’s musical skit,” the comedian believes. – Good Soviet films are the same integral part of the New Year’s holiday as herring under a fur coat, the smell of tangerines and farewell to the old year. That is why we chose the universe of the mythical Soviet cinema, adding some modern TV series, as the setting for our New Year tree, which gathered pop stars and artists from the TNT channel around itself in a single festive round dance.

“Self-Irony of Fate,” TNT, December 31, 9:30 p.m.


Scandal with the New Year’s comedy “Self-Irony of Fate.” What’s going on? (plus)

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