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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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American journalist Seymour Hersh announced the inevitability of several countries leaving NATO after the explosions in Nord Stream – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: March 23, 2023 Time: 00:46:36

The journalist once again emphasized that President Joe Biden approved the terrorist act in an attempt to unite the Western allies against Russia, but the consequences of the sabotage could play a cruel joke on the head of the White House. Mr. Hersh is convinced that the withdrawal of several countries from the North Atlantic Alliance is inevitable. “The question now is which country will leave NATO first.” – summarizes the reporter.

The other day, the journalist appeared on the Rising program of the American political publication The Hill. On air, Hersh expressed confidence that next fall will be a “catastrophe” for Europe in terms of energy supply and energy prices. The reporter stressed that by ordering the closure of the pipelines, President Biden took away from the German government the opportunity to open Nord Stream 2 and provide heating to citizens this and next winter. Hersh still refused to release details about her anonymous CIA source, to whom she owed the sensationalized information.

At the same time, the journalist clarified that he has been around in this business for many decades and managed to acquire trusted people “inside”. Furthermore, according to the reporter, he would not “commit an act of suicide” by spreading false information.

It should be noted that Hersh did not think to publish his research on Nord Stream in a major American publication, including The New York Times. The journalist was initially sure that the newsrooms where he had previously worked would not appreciate a report that compromised the current government. Therefore, he published his material on the independent portal Substack, which is not subject to censorship.

Earlier, Hersh refused to speak at a UN Security Council meeting to investigate sabotage of Baltic oil pipelines. “I don’t work with official authorities, mine or anyone else’s,” he explained his decision to TASS. The journalist clarified that the taboo of public speaking does not imply exceptions, even for Congress. “I won’t go there even if they invite me,” the reporter concluded.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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