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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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American Noah Lyles, 26, became world champion in the 100-meter race KXan 36 Daily News

Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 20:54:00

The winners determined the photo finish

The final was tense. The density of results is very high. Second-place finisher Letsile Tebogo from Botswana finished in a time of 9.88. Exactly the same figures in the final report of the owner of the British “bronze” Zarnel Hughes and the representative of Jamaica, the Image of Seville. It was possible to put them in their places only thanks to photo finishing. The difference between second and fourth place was an instant: only three thousandths of a second.

Lyles’ victory was largely predictable. He purposely walked towards the current triumph of him. At the 2019 World Cup, she won the 200-meter race and as part of the 4×100 relay quartet. In the following one, postponed one year for the 2022 World Cup, Lyles was once again the best in the 200-meter distance. .

Let’s remember that the world record for the 100 meters is held by the legendary Jamaican Usain Bolt, who already completed his career in 2017 – 9.58. It should be noted that Lyles initially, before the start of the competition in Budapest, aimed to beat not this result, but another 14-year-old Bolt record – 19.19 seconds. in the 200 meter. We will look forward to the final at this distance, which will be held on August 25.

By the way, after the end of the long Bolt era, only Americans win the 100 meters at the world championships.

And the first owner of the ‘gold’ of the 2023 World Cup was the Spanish walker Álvaro Martín (20 km). The first world record established already on the day the competition began was not long in coming. In Saturday’s mixed 4x400m relay final, the Americans (Rosie Effiong, Alexis Holmes, Justin Robinson, Matthew Boling) set the record: 3:08.80.

Yesterday, besides Lyles. The Spanish María Pérez (20 km walk), the Serbian Ivana Vuleta (long jump), the British Katarina Johnson-Thompson (heptathlon), the Canadian Ethan Ketsberg (hammer throw), the Ugandan Joshua Cheptegei (10,000 m race ) won gold medals

In the World Championships, 49 prize games are played, 24 for men and women, plus one for mixed discipline, where the winners are already known.

The Russians do not act in Budapest. Also, none of our TV channels broadcast from the 2023 World Cup. You can follow the events of the tournament only by looking at the picture on the Internet.

It seems that our athletes have no prospect of performing at the upcoming Summer Games in Paris. These are the realities, these are the consequences of the frankly Russophobic policy of the head of World Athletics, the British Sebastian Coe.

“Russian and Belarusian athletes are unlikely to make it to the Olympic Games. The organization’s board has taken a clear position on this matter, I would be very surprised if it changes,” Coe said after his re-election as World Athletics president in a congress in Budapest before the start of the world championship.

Jumping in Historic Plaza

The Russians still have to be content with domestic starts. Last weekend in Yekaterinburg ended the final of the national series “Queen of Russian sports”. Invited athletes from the Republic of Belarus also performed here.

The Russian Athletics Federation (VFLA) provided a strong prize fund and motivating bonuses. The winner of each discipline received 300 thousand rubles. In case of meeting the international standard for the 2024 Olympics, an additional 100 thousand rubles were paid.

The Urals tournament was played with a large audience and with a decent sporting level. Olympic standards were repeatedly exceeded, many participants setting their own personal records.

Our star leaders Sergey Shubenkov and Maria Lasitskene did not compete for a long time due to injuries and this time they were content with bronze. In the 110m hurdles, the 2015 world champion lost to Artem Makarenko and Belarusian Vitaly Parakhonko. Olympic champion Lasitskene cleared the bar at a height of 191 cm, losing to Kristina Koroleva and Belarusian Karina Demidik. Both took 193 cm each, being the “gold” Queen for the fewest number of attempts spent.

It was the high jumps that crowned the Ural final, and these competitions were held not at the Kalininets stadium, like the others, but on Historical Square, on the day of the 300th anniversary of Yekaterinburg. The highlight of the tournament was the result of Danila Lysenko – 235 cm. In addition, the winner was very close to taking 237 cm and setting the highest achievement of the season in the world.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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