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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Americans outraged by new beauty standards: The Miss New York pageant began with a scandal

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 07:17:59

Candidates for the title of “Miss New York” 2023. Photo: miss-newyork.org

Americans love and – this is worth acknowledging separately – they know how to put on a show for whatever reason. Included in the definition of beauty standards.

Women’s beauty pageants were born not in the US, but in Belgium, but they are still extremely popular in the New World. In New York City alone, there are more than a dozen Miss New York pageants: statewide, citywide, college, and other American pageants. By the way, this year the US Nations Miss New York crown was awarded to Russian-speaking American Alisa Gagarina.

But today in New York is the second day of the fight for the Miss New York crown, which will allow the owner to participate in the Miss Universe pageant.

Any girl born between 1995 and 2004, who is a US citizen, lives, studies or works in the state of New York and, what is important in modern American realities, presents a medical certificate of belonging to the female sex can participate in this contest. . .

No other special talents are required. And it will be necessary to go through 3 “tests”: a walk on the catwalk in a bathing suit, one more – in an evening dress and an interview with the presenters.

Judging by the sponsors’ logos posted on the official website of this pageant, big corporations were not generous in supporting Miss New York. So this year it will take place not in Manhattan, but in a quite respectable place – in the Shopping Village on the outskirts of the Big Apple City, which is included in the list of the richest settlements in the entire state. .

The diamond-encrusted crown prize will be complemented by more jewelry, $3,500 in cash and a host of gift certificates to gyms, beauty clinics and spas.

But this year, the opening ceremony of the competition turned out to be in the center of the scandal: yesterday, when all the participants took the stage, the audience in the hall buzzed with disgust: stylists and hairdressers did their best, but still not he managed to turn a battalion of girls of different height and physique into beauties. Applications for participation in the competition were accepted from everyone, and many of the contestants clearly overestimated their chances in terms of meeting the minimum standards of female beauty. Very tall and very fat, ugly bent and ugly cut – the jury will have a difficult job.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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