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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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An eight-year-old contestant on the “Voice.Children” show moved the audience with memories of his father in the NWO.

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 16:58:21

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On the air of Channel One the blind auditions of the Voice project continue. Instead of Dmitry Nagiyev, the vocal show is hosted by Yana Churikova, the teams are recruited by Basta, Yegor Creed and the singer MakSim. The last edition presented the mentors with several charismatic participants, and they, in turn, gave the audience some of the most brilliant performances. One of these, in particular, was the number of Pasha Zilev. An eight-year-old vocalist from Krasnoyarsk with a red mohawk on his head took the “Districts-Quarters” hit of the “Zveri” group in 2004. And I did not guess.

The young artist in a red checkered suit accompanied the performance with an incendiary dance, jumps, inviting gestures and almost a somersault – and not only did not crash, but never got lost!

The mentors were delighted with the guy’s performance. They happily sang, but only MakSim dared to turn around.

Photo: screenshot

– That’s exaggerated! the singer yelled as she dropped to her knees and touched her back to the ground. She just didn’t see what she was doing! You’re great!

The modest singer admitted that he chose the song himself, and his mother helped create the image of a smart punk. But dad wasn’t filming on air, because he’s in the NWO zone. Military.

“Dad did not come,” the boy answered the question of the mentors. Because he’s on a special operation.

The audience applauded understandingly, Yegor Creed grabbed his hat (he wore it on the set), and MakSim once again supported Pasha.

“You are excellent,” said the artist and hugged the pupil. -I think dad will look at you from the special operation and he will be very, very proud of you.

– Well done! Enough concluded. – Pretty boy.

“Voice.Children”, First, Friday, 21.45

Photo: screenshot

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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