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Sunday, December 10, 2023
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“An even greater aggravation of the situation will be in the spring”: what do the Americans say about the supply of tanks to Ukraine?

Date: December 10, 2023 Time: 07:25:26

Vitaly Korotich doubted Trump’s ability to end the conflict in Ukraine in one day

Photo: Alexander GAMOV

… – Vitaly Alekseevich, now (at 13 Moscow time) at the top of the news is Trump’s statement, which sounds like this: if I were now the president of the United States, I would have resolved the conflict in Ukraine within a day. In some media, and such an explanation of the former president: he would not have sent weapons there, but with the help of a deal he would have arranged all this. How would you comment on this?

– Trump is step by step approaching the 2024 elections, in which he really wants to participate. And so he today he can promise anything.

Like the same seducer who promises, promises, and then we’ll see.

Trump has already assumed the presidency, and it cannot be said that relations with Russia suddenly improved or softened during his presidency.

– And now these relationships are getting worse and harder…

– Americans act very gradually.

You remember when it all started: then it was promised that Ukraine would receive only defensive weapons and only missiles and weapons that shoot no further than 8 kilometers and everything would be fine and calm.

“Calm has not arrived…

– Now they are already saying that we will give everything – it has already reached the tanks.

If the tanks don’t help, will the planes?

-What is the role of the head of the White House in this process?

– The paper is huge.

Because now only Biden can stop this senseless escalation of tensions between the US and Russia.

Let’s go back to Trump…

– Trump promises today – like, he would have arranged everything in a week and so on …

– Per day.

– Yes, for one day.

I can only say one thing. Now myself and my American acquaintances that I communicate with are concerned about this escalation.

It is what was formerly called a garrote in medieval Spain, when a noose was placed around a person’s neck and gradually strangled.

First a little, then more, more and more…

Now, apparently, a major aggravation of the situation is postponed until the spring.

Tanks are built into a separate unit, and the Ukrainian military leadership in every possible way announces how much and what they need …

And what, would Trump have solved it in a day, two, a week there? …

But he says this without having any authority, you understand?

– Thanks.


The Kremlin commented on Trump’s words about the possibility of ending the conflict in Ukraine in one day

Press Secretary of the President of Russia – with KP.RU political observer Alexander Gamov (more)

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