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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Analysts calculate the cost of food in the regions – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 17, 2024 Time: 15:09:58

Let us remember that this study in federal and regional retail networks has been carried out quarterly by the SocioLife association since 2020 using its own methodology. Minimum prices are taken into account for three dozen products in the smallest packaging, enough to prepare standard dishes (without conversion per kilogram). The conditional menu is always the same. It takes into account the daily calorie and nutrient needs of a typical Russian citizen. For breakfast: oatmeal with milk and an apple, a sandwich with butter and cheese, coffee with milk and half an orange. For lunch: fresh vegetable salad, borscht, minced pork chop with mashed potatoes, tea and bread. For dinner: Olivier salad, pasta with fried chicken, tea and bread.

The cheapest “mashed potatoes” of summer 2024 can be prepared in Sevastopol, for 381 rubles. In second place is Orel with an indicator of 384 rubles, in third place is Perm, where the average cost of a daily ration is 387 rubles. A year ago, Volgograd could boast of the minimum amount – 314 rubles.

In the second ten places in the ranking are Kaluga, Lipetsk and Voronezh: 400 rubles are enough for a day there. In Tver and Yaroslavl, food will cost about 440 rubles. The most expensive ration, as usual, is found in Kamchatka – 694 rubles. Over the year, the price of local “pureeshka” has increased by 22 percent. Magadan and Yakutsk are nearby.

“The average year-on-year price increase in all regions studied was 15 percent. The official inflation rate for the same period was 7.82 percent. It turns out that the real rate of increase in food prices is twice the nominal rate. one”, conclude the authors of the study.

Compared to last June, only onions and cabbage are cheaper

The rate of price growth varies by region. Thus, in June 2024, Muscovites will spend 418 rubles on a conditional daily ration, and the difference with the same figure from last year is only 12 percent. Furthermore, previously, between June 2022 and June 2023, the price of “mashed potatoes” in the capital even decreased by six percent.

Over the course of the year, almost all products monitored in the project have become more expensive. Compared to last June, only onions and cabbage became cheaper (approximately a quarter).

“The prices of beets, eggs and tomatoes have increased significantly: by 72, 53 and 47 percent, respectively. Interestingly, eggs have become cheaper and are now 14 percent lower in price than in December 2023,” say SocioLife analysts.

Apples rose in price by 30 percent, potatoes, chicken and sunflower oil by 20 percent, sugar and bread by 10 percent.

As part of monitoring, prices of seasonal products are traditionally studied. In December it is tangerines, in June it is cherries. If you look at the prices in stores, the lowest is in Sevastopol, 257 rubles per kilogram, the highest is in Magadan, less than 1180. The difference is quite understandable. The average for the cities covered by the project was about 600 rubles per kilo, 42 percent more than last year. It is curious that according to this indicator the regions of Central Russia are inferior not only to the south, but also to a number of cities in the Volga region and Siberia. Prices for cherries range from 532 rubles per kilogram in Lipetsk and Orel to 643 in Voronezh and Tver. At markets and fairs, prices, of course, differ for the better, and now Voronezh residents can feast on cherries at stalls for 250-300 rubles.

If we compare the cost of “mashed potatoes” with the cost of living in the region, then on average four-fifths of that amount will be spent on food. Depending on the city, this could be 49 percent, as in Moscow, or 90 percent, as in Kemerovo. A year ago, the share of food rations in the cost of living was slightly lower – 74 percent.

The cost of a basic set of products in different cities ranges from seven to 27 percent of the nominal salary. On average, one fifth of your income will be spent on food on such a diet. And this is a little less than in 2022-2023.

“This situation does not allow citizens to significantly increase consumer activity in other sectors of the economy. In fact, the growth of the population’s income is being devoured,” consider the authors of the study.

Direct speech

Olga Lebedinskaya, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Statistics, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics:

– When evaluating price increases, citizens mainly take personal inflation into account. As a result of this substitution, the fact that the individual consumption basket may differ from the average used by statistical authorities is overlooked. Therefore, a situation may arise when, according to Rosstat and the government of the Russian Federation, inflation is decreasing (or not increasing), but some citizens, according to surveys, do not notice this. This applies mainly to those who buy imported goods and products that are not included in the consumer basket. These include strawberries and cherries, which have already caught up and surpassed meat in price.

The increase in prices of beets, onions, potatoes and carrots is associated with the beginning of a new agricultural season, the depletion of stocks in warehouses and the need to prepare for the harvest. Fresh, tender vegetables are always more expensive. In the middle of the season, prices stabilize. Thus, according to statistics, there has already been a noticeable decrease in prices for cucumbers to 131 rubles per kilogram (-29.7 percent in May compared to April), tomatoes (-18.8 percent) and fresh herbs (-0.8 percent).

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