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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Anapa successfully combined foreign and Russian animation practices KXan 36 Daily News

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 21:15:48

Last year, Anapa, despite the closed air traffic, was visited by more than four million guests. In the new season, judging by the high reservation rates, the resort expects to receive 400,000 more tourists. At the same time, the authorities are sure that record numbers are not as important as the mood of vacationers. The resort is doing everything possible for this: opening new tourist routes and exhibition facilities, modernizing the resort infrastructure, equipping the territories with a unique security system.

The temporary closure of the airport did not deter vacationers – people quickly got used to the new circumstances, and as a result, those who wanted to relax by the sea switched planes to trains and cars. In addition, according to ATOR, the demand for bus tours to Anapa has now increased by 50 percent compared to last year, and it has become really exaggerated. This is because many have already booked hotels in the south of Russia, and it is very difficult to find a train ticket to Anapa in a compartment car in mid-July. In addition, for some tourists, the family resort has become an alternative to vacations abroad, both due to economic considerations and the geopolitical situation.

Another important component – each traveler, choosing a vacation spot, asks himself: where to stay in order to spend his vacation in comfort? In Anapa, there are no problems with this. The resort has more than 1,500 accommodation facilities, from cozy guesthouses to five-star hotels. Among them are 52 All Inclusive and Ultra All Inclusive hotels.

So, at the end of April, the “City MIRA Family Resort & Spa Anapa Miracleon 5 *” was opened at the resort – these are four new buildings with 948 rooms of various levels of comfort. Each building is a district with a separate infrastructure: its own lobby bars, playgrounds, courtyards with cozy places for the whole family to relax. Green areas serve as the conditional boundary between the districts, and two huge pool bowls with an area of ​​3.2 thousand square meters serve as the connecting public space.

The question “what to do after lunch, when the beaches are particularly hot?” here it is solved in a jiffy – tourists are happy to take a steam bath in one of the baths located on the territory of a two-story spa complex. Someone goes to the gym, to the phytobar, to the beauty treatment rooms. All this is available until the end of the velvet season, and one of the buildings was completely made year-round.

The Miracleon Resort is the benchmark for many companies in the resort industry. After all, five stars is not only a special level of requirements for the appearance of the hotel, for the staff, but also for the range of services. Its important distinguishing feature is a full entertainment program for guests. Each of the hotels has a professional team of “entertainment specialists”, equipped with playgrounds for creative events. Well-known artists perform here (for example, where on vacation can you listen live, and even for free, to Dima Bilan?), Festive festivals, master classes are held. This component of the service is a guarantee that the guest will definitely want to return to where she felt good. Therefore, such projects, along with tourism events, will attract even more vacationers to the region.

Photo: Artem Gushchenkov

We hasten to warn that those who equate the entertainer with the entertainer are sorely mistaken. Animators take on not only an entertainment function, first of all, they competently organize cultural recreation, giving the tourist psychological relaxation. In addition, specialists take into account the needs of absolutely all guests, regardless of age, gender and even temperament.

– We have educators in the children’s rooms who teach classes with children from the age of four. There are sports entertainers who organize volleyball, football, darts, boccia tournaments. Fitness animators perform yoga, aerobics, aqua aerobics, Latin dances for guests, says Angelina Krivushkina, director of the hotel’s animation service. – Of course, there are also top-level creative evenings, DJs. We try to select employees with different temperaments: someone has a calmer character, a little phlegmatic, while someone has the opposite, fast, lively, loves activity, because the guests also differ in personality types.

For the vacationer, entertainment ranks third after a comfortable room and delicious food. That’s why it’s so important to create a high-quality event poster. The general impression of the time spent at the resort depends on it. For example, how do you tear a fussy teenager who already has an opinion about everything from the four walls of a room?

– It is easy to find a common language with older students, given their desire to be adults, so we simply adapt discos or show programs for them, – says Angelina Krivushkina. – An art therapy block is offered for families: drawing with wine, coffee, painting an oyster sheet and much more. For each young guest, we necessarily issue a passport of a citizen of the resort, with this document the child receives a reward when attending events – a lion. This conditional currency motivates not only children to participate in various activities, but also parents, because the lions accumulated during the holidays can be exchanged for goods with the hotel logo: a bag, a cap, a T-shirt, bubbles soap and much more. .

The palette of events is so saturated that sometimes the effect of “splitting the eyes” appears, you do not know what to focus on: on the beach there are performances by participants of television projects, battles, concerts of cover artists.

For example, on July 7, the guests celebrated the most atmospheric day of the summer – Ivan Kupala. For this, a large fire was specially kindled on the shore, the Cossack choir sang their most soulful songs.

Among the novelties in the animation program is the organization of a team military-tactical laser tag game, as well as POUND-fitness, where drumsticks, or rather their analogues, are used instead of the usual dumbbells. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of training with such equipment – up to 900 calories are burned per hour of training.

The resort in its animation tried to combine foreign and Russian practices. Therefore, such projects, together with tourism events, will attract even more vacationers to the region.

Photo: Xenia Diaghileva

One of the large-scale events will take place on August 2; on this day, the complex celebrates its first round date – five years. For vacationers, they prepared an incendiary party on Miracleon Beach, a performance by the cover band Bucks Bani, a concert by Sergei Lazarev and a festive fireworks display.

By the way

The golden coast of Anapa, dotted with small shell rocks, stretches for 42 kilometers. Now the resort has about 120 sandy and pebble beaches. Your safety is ensured by professional rescuers and doctors, as well as video cameras from the exclusive Dome software package.

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