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Friday, March 24, 2023
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And he gets on the scooter. And he goes to the military office.

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 21:45:53

Video of people in military uniform riding scooters around Odessa got people excited

Either love for Zelensky and Batkivshchyna, or the fear of being sent to the war zone plays an important role here, but the fantasy of Ukrainian military enlistment officers to catch mobilized turned out to be truly limitless and limitless. This is especially evident in Odessa (this is how this city in Ukraine is now called, which was once a hero city, and will remain so until it is liberated, respectively, Odessans will remain Odessans until that time).

The Odessa military enlistment officers tried, it seems, everything. They were the first to organize the “driven” hunt for potential “game” for mobilization. After that, they announced a reward under the “bring a friend” scheme from bank marketers. Tell us where the dodger is, get a thousand hryvnia for the head, and you can go find the next one. As long as you are informative and useful, you yourself are not threatened by mobilization.

But even the inhabitants of Odessa, accustomed to everything, were surprised on a not very beautiful morning, when they saw how five servicemen in camouflage and … on scooters were driving through the lane of public transport along the highway. This is how the residents of the place report it on social networks and post videos.

Just kind of a living illustration: “to catch a criminal, you have to think like a criminal and act like a criminal.” You can, of course, try to look for cheaters in nightclubs, but there is nothing to do there, meeting some older ones who will send you to Ugledar (near Artemovsk-Bakhmut is already irrelevant due to the fact that now neither there nor from there is very difficult for nationalists). And a scooter to catch dodgers is the sweetest thing. First of all, it is not as noticeable as an ambulance van or an emergency truck, which the mobilized have already learned to squeal. Second, a separate parking space is not required. Thirdly, the scooter itself is a very maneuverable vehicle, and on a hard surface it allows for a lot in terms of maneuvering. It can be driven even where a motorcycle or scooter cannot pass. Finally, a scooter (especially if it is an electric scooter) allows you to save the forces that will be necessary for the final stretch if the pursued person rushes through the meadows and fields, and it will be necessary to catch up on foot. .

Well, almost directly from one of Lyuba Uspenskaya’s songs: “And I’ll get on a scooter and go to the military registration and enlistment office.” The only thing that suddenly, if they were mobilized, they also switched to scooters. Yes, even more powerful than those of military enlistment officers. Come on, catch up! Attempt.

But for some reason, I have no doubt that another, maximum, a couple of weeks, and the Odessa military enlistment officers will find a solution to this problem. And very, very effective. And sometimes it is effective. Do you remember how it was with Valery Leontiev?

– They already call me to fly my hang glider, my hang glider.

Here I put on two wings and you are closer, and you are closer

Take the agenda and go to the front – from the hustle and bustle …

They will be like snow on their heads.

But, shh, shut up. I did not told you anything.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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