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Sunday, April 2, 2023
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“And in order to somehow quench your thirst, you ate bloody snow and drank from a puddle”: poems of fighters and volunteers, from which tears flow

Date: April 2, 2023 Time: 08:57:46

Anna Dogileva.

Photo: vk.com

When the cannons rumble, the muses are not always silent. Everyone remembers the famous poems that appeared during the Great Patriotic War – take at least “Wait for me” by Konstantin Simonov or “Dugout” by Alexei Surkov. And a special military operation gives rise to poems. Sometimes it even turns people into poets…

We have selected three authors who write about the combats.

Anna Dogileva

Anna, 34, is a military commissar and an experienced poet: she has already published seven books. Also, she was originally going to dedicate her life to chemistry. A Russian national, she Anna was born in Kharkov (and she remembers that already in childhood she fought with classmates, nationalists, fanatics of the SS division “Galicia”). She then studied in her hometown at the Faculty of Chemistry, she was going to enter graduate school, but it didn’t work out: at that time, her two hobbies, poetry and games (computer and game role) took too long. And she Anna she tried her hand at journalism, and then she left Ukraine for Russia, St. Petersburg, with which she fell in love at first sight.

But soon the war in DPR and LPR entered his life. She began to correspond with her acquaintance, who commanded an artillery battery, she came to him in Luhansk as a girlfriend and found out that he had been shot dead. This was a terrible tragedy for her, she began to have severe depression: she stayed in Lugansk and wanted to die there. But luckily, she gradually came out. And she began to write articles about the hostilities.

There was a lot in her life: marriage to the sniper Andrei Kutsky (Miloslavsky), whom she met in Donetsk (unfortunately, the marriage was romantic, but short, and Andrei died in 2019), moving to Russia (according to Dolgareva, she could already not looking at the death of civilians on the battlefield), volunteering during the coronavirus pandemic… Periodically, I traveled to the Donbass. And with the beginning of the special operation, she again became a war correspondent.

It also raises money to help Russian fighters. There was a striking case: he met an explorer who stepped on a mine twice: the first time he lost his leg, the second time a prosthesis was installed. The new prosthesis was unsuccessful, there were chances that he would permanently switch to a wheelchair. Anna announced a fundraiser, and the required (quite large) amount was collected in a matter of hours. Now this man is back at the front.

Balakleya, Balakleya,


in endless talk

The armor cracked.

With riflemen in tanks –

Shooter, shooter.

reflect blows

at an unknown height

boys from samara

From Ufa and Moscow.

the mines are close

And my hand is tired.

He asks you to hold on tight

Our native military-industrial complex.

unknown river,

Autumn and grace.

First aid kit and machine –

It is not time to die.

Sergei Lobanov

Sergei Lobanov.

Photo: vk.com

Sergio is 33 years old. He was born on Sakhalin, in the city of Kholmsk, and after school moved to Stavropol, where he practiced (now it’s hard to believe) modern dance. He also wrote poetry. And then he became a skydiver. And… he founded a literary club in his department. (By the way, among his favorite poets are front-line soldiers: Eduard Asadov, Konstantin Simonov, Ilya Ehrenburg).

In 2022 he traveled to Ukraine to participate in a special operation. And in the same year he was accepted into the Russian Union of Writers: recommendations were given by the poet Igor Vityuk and the prose writer of seascapes, Captain 1st Rank Vladimir Shigin. Sergey was accepted almost instantly, within a few days.

This poem, based on a true story, was written in June 2022.


dedicated to my friend

alexander luganski

you survived there

where death reigned.

He tortured you, my brother, for three days.

You could give up, you couldn’t stand

But that you died was not enough.

Wounded, in the midst of smoke and fire,

For three days you lay in a field by the road,

when your friends dead

Already in paradise they spoke with God.

At night, waiting for the dawn

you fought with someone else

February cold.

And to somehow quench the thirst,

You ate bloody snow and drank from a puddle.

Fights thundered somewhere apart:

Shells exploded, mines screeched.

Barely breathing, you thought of your wife

And an unbaptized one-year-old son.

On the third night they found you.

The sky played with pellets of stars.

And even loud fights

They did not drown out the sounds of Russian speech.

…Live, my brother,

all spite deaths.

All wounds will heal over time.

And know that you are not only lucky –

God has other plans for you.

Mortar, nicknamed Chuvash


Photo: Dmitri STESHIN

This guy is not a member of the Writers Union and does not claim to be. He was received near Ugledar in the Vostok battalion by the Komsomolskaya Pravda war correspondent Dmitry Steshin. One of the fighters said that the Chuvash write poetry. Dima asked her to read his favorite poem on camera. He was a bit shy, but he read. And the video posted on the KP.RU website was watched by a huge number of people – this is the real poetry of the trenches …

Cold cuts, the sound of metal

Distributed somewhere nearby.

We sat together in a trench,

We believe that soon there will be peace.

Through thorns to victory

We will make our way.

Even though it’s hard for all of us right now,

It will be easier, friend.

Every Russian is a warrior of God,

heart is on fire

Cause is right for us,

The evil enemy will be defeated.

September – October 2022.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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