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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Andrei Burkovsky, who went to the United States, called the Russians who condemned him “worried bots”

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 09:42:48

Burkovsky’s followers began to ask him uncomfortable questions.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

It is no longer a secret for anyone: actor Andrey Burkovsky left for the United States with his family. For some time he hid the exit from him, did not publish photos of Hudson … But in the end, the desire to show off the “sweet life” turned out to be stronger than common sense. And he began to regularly upload photos on his microblog from Las Vegas, then from Los Angeles, then from New York … What is he doing there? The star of the series “Kitchen”, “The Last of the Magikyans”, “Tobol”, “Call DiCaprio!”, “Mediator” and many, many others are not in poverty. And most likely, he lives idly on what he earns in Russia.

However, boasting will not lead to good. And Burkovsky’s followers began to ask him uncomfortable questions: what did he forget in the hostile United States? Emigrated? Or did he just leave for the NWO time? And then back home, back to work?

By the way, the artist is still listed in the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater. Second compositions were introduced to the role of him. It is not clear how he arranged a long sabbatical at the State Theater … Burkovsky does not answer provocative questions.

However, for some reason, he wrote a post about what he thinks about his critics. It turns out that the critical comments are written by “concerned bots”:

“Absolutely, it doesn’t matter what kind of image will be here or what kind of text I will write… Anyway, soon concerned bots will come across comments and start scribbling prepared words. And someone will seriously argue with them and try something … There are many options. Therefore, here is such an old and happy photo from another world. As if from a fairy tale. And in a fairy tale everything is always very clear and simple, good triumphs over evil, an egg breaks, a needle breaks…”.

But not everyone appreciated the allegory, especially about good defeating evil: what is he talking about?

“Living in one’s own country is not always like in a fairy tale,” Burkovsky was replied to in the comments. “There are also problems in the family, but someone overcomes them and stays in the family, and someone leaves the family with problems for a better life…”. And they also wrote: “What the hell are bots? These are ordinary citizens living paycheck to paycheck, and you are sitting across the ocean with taxpayers’ money. Everything will come to an end one day, and you will return to Moscow as if nothing had happened. If the opinion does not match yours, this does not mean that the person is a bot. You are a mediocre actor. And the person is not very…”

Curious fans are still interested in who replaced Burkovsky in the play “Running”. We answer the curious, who did not guess by looking at the website of the Moscow Art Theater: Burkovsky was replaced by Dmitry Sumin.

And yet, as we were told in the theater: the artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater, Konstantin Khabensky, several times warned another artist, Dmitry Nazarov, to stop talking nonsense on social networks. He warned, he warned, but he did not listen…

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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