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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Andrey Betin: “The new Senezh campus will be one of the best in Russia”

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 19:11:11

Andrey Betin

Photo: Julia PYKHALOVA

The Senezh Management Workshop is the educational center of the presidential platform “Russia: a land of opportunities”, where industry leaders and top managers of our country study. With the rector of the Workshop Andrey Betin, we talked about the necessary skills for a leader, the educational programs of Senezh, as well as the opening of a new ultra-modern campus, the construction of which is being completed in Solnechnogorsk near Moscow.

– Andrei Anatolyevich, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is the country’s main forum, the largest business event in Russia, and is held with the participation of the President of the Russian Federation. Why did you come to SPIEF?

– The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is an excellent platform for communication with leaders in their fields, for sharing experiences and demonstrating the most advanced achievements of science and technology. And the Senezh Management Workshop trains industry leaders, top managers – federal governors and ministers, deputies of the State Duma, mayors of cities, chief doctors of hospitals, rectors and vice-rectors of universities, business leaders and, of course, representatives of active youth. Therefore, at SPIEF, it was important for me to get a snapshot of what managers think today, what skills, competencies and knowledge they need. Today SPIEF is dedicated to youth, there are a lot of creative guys here who want to live and develop in Russia. And this is also the audience of the Senezh Management Workshop.

– You have had several sections in SPIEF, one of them is called “Professionalism”, we have just returned from the second one, it is dedicated to media education. What are your impressions of these discussions?

– In the session “Professionalism: an industrial approach to personnel training in the context of import substitution”, we discussed the issues of personnel training in the new economic conditions. Much has already been done in Russia to bring the vocational training system to a new level.

Interestingly, almost all of the participants spoke about the importance of training teachers and mentors, those who work with beginners and future professionals. The human being needs the human being! It is very important that in the difficult moments of the beginning of a career there is a real professional nearby who will prompt and help you. By the way, in the Senezh Management Workshop we pay special attention to the training of mentors and tools for the transfer of experience between generations.

In the media education session, they discussed new media formats, the need to transform the journalistic profession, and whether it is possible today to broadcast to a large audience without having a journalistic background. The media now not only inform the people, but also create the value and digital sovereignty of our country. Therefore, those who work in the media field must understand exactly what they are transmitting and be responsible for the quality and reliability of the information.

What surprised me. We all come to the conclusion that if a person wants to be a media specialist or a blogger, he must first be a professional. There was even a term like industry blogger. A person who is well versed in the profession, and sometimes in several, therefore speaks about it with knowledge of the matter. And, of course, the person who has a large audience influences it, and this is a big and serious responsibility.

A participant in our discussion, the writer Alexander Tsypkin, believes that blogs are a soap bubble and will burst soon. Well, let’s see if his predictions come true or not. My advice to young people: make sure you have a profession and develop in it.

– Andrey Anatolyevich, tell us, what is the uniqueness of the Senezh Management Workshop?

– Our graduates call Senezh a place of power. Our mission is to make strong people even stronger. The management workshop is set to create unique trends, methods and formats for leadership training. Since 2019, we have been carrying out 40 educational programs each year, nearly 60 thousand people have been trained.

Keep in mind that in recent years there have been more and more 30-year-olds among governors. And they all show very good results. Therefore, today it is important to be ready to quickly become a serious manager. Don’t wait decades. We understand what we are strong in – through our competitions, projects and Olympics, together with Rosmolodezh, we bring together talented children from all over the country. We continue to invest in them and show that they can be even more passionate, patriotic and great professionals. You cannot lock yourself in your region or country alone, you need to look higher, beyond, strive to achieve goals. What we ourselves learn at the Senezh Management Workshop is to set goals, even outside of our lives. When you look forward, you understand exactly why you came into this world and what you can give to your country.

– Andrey Anatolyevich, this year is very important for Senezh. First, you have been appointed to the position of chancellor (there was no such position before). And the inauguration of the new large workshop campus is about to take place. Tell us about your plans for the near future.

“This year, the Senezh Management Workshop will host for the fifth time the Territory of Meanings forum, a historic forum for our youth. Children and adolescents from 14 to 17 years old will participate in three shifts: “Persuade”, “Help” and “Teach”. This time, the forum is reaching a new level: the participants will literally influence the future of Russia’s youth agenda.

Senezh has always set educational standards for practice-oriented programs. Our programs always have modules taught by Masters – professionals in their field, experts who have achieved outstanding results. This year the work with the Masters will be highlighted as a separate area and we plan to do independent projects where participants will have a unique opportunity to learn from their experience and practice first hand.

In the near future, we will launch programs for leaders at the state and municipal levels, where the main priorities will be the development of a management culture focused on the benefit of all the inhabitants of the country. Municipal teams will be able to improve the efficiency of local government and form a base of successful practices, create methods and standards for working with human capital in the regions.

A new direction for us, which we will start this year, is a networked educational partnership with corporate universities of regional governments and key Russian companies, as well as universities of friendly countries.

And, of course, our flagship programs: “Leading Woman” and “New Media Workshop” continue to run.

In recent years, the Workshop, as they say, “full to capacity.” We cannot organize all the events we want. Therefore, in 2020 it was decided to expand our educational center. The construction of a new campus is currently underway according to a project selected within the framework of an international competition. In an area of ​​more than 80 hectares, we will be able to house more than 2.5 thousand people. These are 5 functional zones: the northern campus, the open-air forum area, the forest park area with pavilions, the landscaped embankment, and the southern campus with the main buildings. What is very important: educational classrooms will be modern, comfortable, digital, where our students will be born new thoughts and knowledge.

The territory of the Senezh Management Workshop is being transformed into a beautiful modern educational center, which includes 4 new hotel buildings, a restaurant and a huge site – Agora, which will allow solving any task to organize the educational process, with a room for amphitheater. for 780 people, educational auditoriums and creative studios.

Now the construction of a new campus has reached the goal. We are preparing to welcome even more students and experts to the renovated campus and are working on updated programs for people who will work for the prosperity of our country. I am convinced that Senezh will become one of the best campuses in the country.

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