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Friday, February 23, 2024
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Andrey Turchak: The main task of our candidates is to be honest with people

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 22:46:16

Mariupol. Andrei Turchak at a ceremony of handing over the keys to apartments in houses built by representatives of the Military Construction Complex of the Russian Defense Ministry in the Nevsky microdistrict.

Next week in Russia, including in new regions, the United Russia preliminary vote will begin, which will last from May 22 to 28. On the eve of this important event, the Komsomolskaya Pravda correspondent spoke with the Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia party Andrey Turchak about the candidates of the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, the intermediate results of the party’s work regional. party branches in Novorossia, and also about what results it is worth expecting from the primaries.

– Andrey Anatolyevich, what is the meaning of holding a preliminary vote in new regions, as well as directly for the United Russia party?

– The autumn elections will be the first for the new regions within Russia, the campaign will be large-scale.

In each of the four regions, representatives of legislative assemblies and administrative centers are elected. Elections to councils of deputies will be held in a total of 52 districts and 23 cities. A total of 75 campaigns to LSG organizations. Voters in September will have to choose those who will actually be responsible for the restoration and development of their town, city or region in the coming years.

The story is important. Also for the party: after the results of a single day of voting, we will receive a popular assessment of our work, which United Russia has been doing there since the first days of the SVO. And even much earlier. The implementation of our Popular Program and party projects in new regions, the President’s instructions for their restoration and integration depend on the results of the elections.

– For the regions, the preliminary vote is the first practice of its kind. How did people on the ground perceive the innovation?

– “United Russia” was and remains the only party in the country that selects its candidates through preliminary voting, trust people with this choice. And this is really new for new regions. Despite this, or perhaps just because of this, we see a lot of activity.

In the DPR and the Kherson region, the competition between candidates for the preliminary vote in the legislative assemblies is almost four people per seat. In the LPR and Zaporizhzhya – five people. It is slightly lower in the administrative centers. In total, more than 1,300 candidates participate in the DPR at all levels of elections. And this is the absolute leadership among all elective regions in the current cycle in terms of the number of registered candidates.

Candidates hold meetings with neighbors, collect issues, this is necessary for training and subsequent work with the Popular Program, and involve people in it. And we see a positive response.

– Candidates of “United Russia” – What are they?

– These are the most different people, a section of society. Here are the miners, if we talk about candidates from Donbass, and teachers, and doctors, and businessmen, and volunteers. And many others. Including representatives of the largest social movements – “Donetsk Republic” and “Peace in the Luhansk region”, with whom we have been cooperating for a long time. They are all united by a sincere desire to return peaceful life to their land.

Today, of course, we pay special attention to the participants of the NWO. They, taking into account their role and services to the country, must be represented in politics. About one and a half hundred candidates, not only volunteers, but also direct participants in the SVO, registered for the preliminary vote throughout the country, including in new regions. Many of them are well known to the people and enjoy unconditional authority among themselves: for example, the commander of the legendary “Sparta” Artem Zhoga or Kostya “Miner”, the battalion commander of the Mining Division.

– In the LPR, almost 50% of the candidates are women. What do you think is the reason for this phenomenon? Does the party implement projects aimed at supporting women politicians?

– Traditionally, much of our life and our country rests on the shoulders of women. And now, when many men have gone to the front, especially in new regions, the role of women has multiplied. Many have taken the place of their husbands, contribute to the common cause, acquire new skills. To help these women, to their self-realization, we launched the project of the “Women’s Movement” party. Therefore, it is not surprising that current politics has a female face.

– What tasks does the United Russia party set for its candidates in the new regions?

– The first and main task of our candidates is to be honest with people, communicate openly with them and be responsible for their words and actions.

If we talk about elections, then we should collect the problems and wishes of the people, form a regional section of the Popular Program on their basis, as is done in other matters. And be prepared to do it faithfully. We need victory in the elections not for the sake of victory, but in order to subsequently justify the trust of the people and be useful to them. After the elections, the work only begins.

– Do you plan to meet personally with United Russia candidates in new regions? If so, what would be the first things you would like to discuss with them?

– I regularly visit the people’s republics, the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. I constantly meet with party activists, participants in the preliminary vote. We discuss issues that concern residents in the here and now. Something can be fixed right away. Some problems take time. We must take into account that all four regions of Russia are recently in the front-line zone. This is specific. In the foreground, of course, are the issues of security, restoration, transition to Russian standards.

– What main problems and tasks must the party solve in the new regions?

– First of all, it is a return to peaceful life. Integration into the economic, social and legal system of Russia. It is also necessary to solve humanitarian problems, which still abound in war conditions. We are doing all this.

Another important task is to involve the inhabitants of new regions in politics in the proper sense of the word, that is, in decision-making processes. In part, our preliminary vote responds to this task.

We start from the fact that the local population often knows best what to do and how, what is best for them. Practices of this kind have been established for a long time and are being used in the regions of Russia – it is both an initiative budget and an all-Russian vote on improvement objects. Slowly, they are entering new territories. For example, according to the People’s Program of “United Russia” in the LDNR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, schools will be renovated this year. We involve teachers, parents and the students themselves in some stages of design and control of the work. We will also be guided by the principles of involving people in decision-making and implementation on other issues.

– What is the motivation of people to join United Russia in new regions? What values ​​does the party transmit?

– People know that we are the President’s party. Let us unite those who are not indifferent to the fate of the country, who want to see Russia as strong, independent and modern. We are for patriotism and a strong family, for traditional values ​​and sovereignty. This is what unites us, makes us one country. But the most important thing for all of us today is Victory. We strive for it with all our might and do everything possible and impossible to achieve it.

– Is the work of the regional branches of the “United Russia” in the new regions? What interim results for each topic could you announce now? What has already been achieved through fieldwork?

– We opened regional branches in each of the new regions and more than 60 local branches. Another 15 are in line, they were the first of the political parties to do so. We have already issued more than 120,000 party cards, of which almost 60,000 belong to the DNR alone. We are already implementing partisan projects: “Historical Memory”, “Za Sambo”, “Strong Family”, “Women’s Movement” and some others. Our Popular Program is already working, so far at low speeds, but this is a matter of time.

But one of the most important results is people’s trust. Since we have been working in the NVO zone since the very first days and were together with the residents long before the special operation, we are known. People see real cases, real help. And this helps us to dynamically strengthen the team and expand.

– Is the party’s work in new regions an opportunity to follow federal policy in the territories, or is it more a desire to listen, understand and implement the needs of residents of the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions?

– Both. In our work, one is inseparable from the other. There is an instruction from the President, according to which a program for the socio-economic development of new regions has been formed and has already been approved by the Government. There is the United Russia People’s Program, which will be synchronized with it. This is a federal circuit.

But the Popular Program has both regional and local dimensions, where the demands of the inhabitants of the territories must be reflected. During the electoral campaign these autonomous sections will be formed and approved, and with them we will go to the polls. With specific objects, proposals and deadlines in which all this will be completed.

Together this is the People’s Program. These are the inhabitants of specific territories and the development of the country as a whole.

– How is the work of the United Russia humanitarian centers in the new regions organized at the moment?

– The humanitarian mission “United Russia” began from the very first days of the NWO. In total, we delivered 62,000 tons of cargo to new regions, from food and hygiene products to medicines and medical equipment, building materials and household appliances. Now we have 45 humanitarian centers, and we are not going to close them, there is still a need.

If at first our task was to feed, drink and heat people, now the scope of assistance has expanded significantly: these are consultations on a wide range of topics, assistance to families and single people with limited mobility, participation in work restoration. Our volunteers take care of approximately 550 veterans of the Great Patriotic War. During all this time, about two thousand volunteers have passed through the party’s humanitarian mission: they are boys from the MGER and the Volunteer Company, several hundred volunteer doctors.

In short, humanitarian centers are adapting to the new realities. Maybe later we will profile them again at public reception parties or something like that, but for now they will continue with their work.

We are constantly, from the first days, helping the front. Only last year, we collected about six billion rubles – everything that the guys ask for is quickly bought and transferred to the front. Today, all the forces of “United Russia” are focused on Victory. And she will definitely follow us!

– What results, in your opinion, should be expected from the preliminary vote?

– We will select the most worthy candidates who will represent the party in the main elections. Those who got voter support won the competition on merit and authority, ideas and skills.

But for us, in this sense, it is also important that people become familiar with the preliminary voting system. They see that it is open, convenient, competitive and honest. May the strongest win. Let there be no juggling or “agreements” behind the scenes. All of this strengthens confidence, both in the party and in the institution of elections as a whole.

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