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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Angélica Varum described sex after 50 years as “an act of mercy”

Date: March 23, 2023 Time: 00:35:26

Leonid Agutin and Anzhelika Varum have been together for 25 years.


Leonid Agutin and Anzhelika Varum celebrate their silver wedding anniversary – they have been married for 25 years. Despite the fact that the rumor “divorced” the spouses more than once, they are still together. Angelica does not hide the fact that over the years the passion in their relationship has diminished. For example, now she and her husband sleep in different rooms. And they have sex strictly according to the schedule.

According to Agutin, he and his wife parted in different rooms a few years ago. It all started with small fights and misunderstandings.

“She watches some movies there. I fell asleep from the first chapter, and I watched it until the end,” Agutin recalled on the “You won’t believe it!” program. on the NTV channel.

The couple began to quarrel over trifles more and more often. So that scandals do not arise out of nowhere, Angelica, 53, suggested to her husband that she go to different rooms. The artist tried several times to recover her position in the conjugal bed. But Angelica stood firm and refused the privacy of her husband. In addition, Varum said that he considers sex after the age of 50 “an act of mercy.”

Leonid admits that he nevertheless persuaded his wife to let him into the bedroom from time to time. Now they go on romantic dates three times a week.

“Some days they have to sleep together on purpose. Wednesday, Friday and Sunday”, said the artist.

But such an idyll did not always reign in the star family. In the past, Leonid has repeatedly given his chosen one a reason for jealousy. With her age, Varum resigned himself to the temperament of her husband, who made no secret of the fact that she was not always faithful in marriage. Angelica is sure that she can forgive loved ones and loved ones a lot.

“Even these moments (the betrayals that Agutin admitted – Ed.) I do not want to erase from our lives,” Varum admitted in an interview. – I grew up with them. When you are in a relationship for 10-15 years, you will feel that the attitude towards the person next to you is changing. The moments that were prioritized when the relationship began are being transformed. So the only question is how long you can live in a new incarnation. Being offended by the tsunami is ridiculous, right? But it takes people’s lives, cripples. Here too. You can understand and forgive. And you can understand and not forgive. And this is your choice.

In recent years, Angelica rarely appeared on stage and starred a little, unlike her husband, who acts a lot and takes an active part in popular TV shows. A few years ago, the artist decided that she was tired of her busy work schedule and she withdrew from it. Varum does not hide, she is not one of those artists who wants to die on stage. She now likes to take care of herself, the home and personal affairs, rather than sing in front of the public.

“Finally, I became my mistress, there was time to rest more, sleep more, conjure on the stove as much as you wanted and not as before: everything is on, the race comes first,” said Varum. – After a frantic marathon of thirty years, I felt that work for work no longer makes any sense. I just want to live. This transformation did not happen now, but some time ago. When energy dropped, fatigue from frequent lack of sleep did not become episodic, but permanent. From fifteen to seventeen cities in a row with transfers and daily flights. And at some point, the joy of what he was doing disappeared. I realized that I can no longer live in this mode and I don’t want to.

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