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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Ani Lorak appeared in the video “Next, but not together” with a new image and a changed figure KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 21:53:24

But the fans paid attention to the new image of the singer – dresses that are more monophonic and strict in color, but at the same time more frank. And her figure changed from her. Previously, Ani Lorak seemed fragile and helpless in many of her videos, for which she was also loved and pitied. Especially women who seek the moral support and the necessary experience in her successes at the time of their own personal failures. She now appeared with a frank neckline, but very secular that suited her well and already seemed more curvaceous. And most importantly – self-sufficient, happy, self-confident, which is somewhat in contrast to the content of the song about a couple, who in public seems to be prosperous and loving to envy everyone, and when the spotlight and fans go out they go. , turns out to be completely different.

The song “Next, but not together” to the verses of Mikhail Gutseriev was written by Daria Kuznetsova. This is the second work of her musical project: the musical series “GM Universe”, whose motto is: “Don’t be afraid of your wishes. Be afraid of their consequences.”

As a result, the video turned out to be even a beautiful and poetic little five-minute film, with well-thought-out dramaturgy and replicas of the main characters, answering questions from the press along the way. The song became its main component, but the dramatic, literary and theatrical component of the video is also interesting, bright and instructive.

And this time Ani Lorak’s partner was the actor of the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov Mark Bogatyrev. Video directed by Dmitry Litvinenko.

By the way

Yes, perhaps for the clip “Next, but not together” the past image of Ani Lorak would be more suitable: fragile, passionate, not always happy and loving, and at the same time sincere, defenseless. But the current one, as she seems from the outside, calm confidence also suits her. Her changes are not surprising: the singer now has a new chosen one: Isaac Vizhraku. He is a wellness expert and “positive karma maker.” Isaac is a Spaniard born in Barcelona and comes from a dynasty of African shamans.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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