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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Ani Lorak forgot her unfaithful husband in the arms of a descendant of African shamans

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 16:48:06

Ani Lorak.


Ani Lorak divorced Turkish businessman Murat Nalchajioglu in 2019 after his infidelity. The singer was madly in love with her husband and she could not recover after her divorce for a long time. The artist herself carefully hides her personal life and recently she has not shared the details of her relationship with men. But, apparently, everything is looking up for her. The 44-year-old singer suddenly shared a video in which she hugs a handsome athletic man.

The smiling singer appeared in the arms of a tall, athletic young man. The images were apparently taken in Spain, where he was on vacation in November. “Something new is starting,” said the artist.

Ani posted a video in which she hugs an athletic man. Photo: video frame.

More than 500 subscriber comments have accumulated on the star’s post. In addition, Lorak’s fans have declassified the identity of the stranger with whom she hugs in the video. It turned out that his name is Isaac Vijraku. This is the same yoga teacher who helped the performer get over her divorce in 2019. Apparently, this relationship turned into something more for Anya and became the beginning of a new life.

The healer Isaac Vijraku, who calls himself a descendant of African shamans, was born in Barcelona. He currently lives in Ibiza. Ani Lorak turned to him to restore peace of mind.

“Did you win over your mentor? Or maybe the signing means the beginning of some kind of spiritual transformation?

By the way, for his peace of mind, Lorak turned not only to a yoga instructor. After the divorce, the artist visited a psychotherapist for almost two years.

– I went to a psychologist, because at one point I realized that I did not understand anything. It was necessary to become whole again and it required effort, – the star said earlier.

Ani Lorak divorced Turkish businessman Murat Nalchajioglu in 2019 after his infidelity.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

For the sake of her husband, the singer took out a bank loan of 500 thousand dollars. She gave this money to Murat to fulfill his old dream: to open his own restaurant. However, the Turk did not appreciate the act of her wife and betrayed her.

– I helped him open a restaurant, he had a dream. I borrowed half a million dollars for his business, because when you love a person, you don’t ask questions, you just love,” Ani said on Boris Korchevnikov’s Fate of a Man show.

Over time, he realized that in order to develop a solo career, he needed to move to Moscow. But Murat flatly refused to go to Russia and leave his restaurant in Kyiv. As a result, the couple began to live in two countries. And soon Ani became the heroine of a huge scandal. The singer confesses that not even in her worst dreams could she imagine that the photo of her husband and her lover would go around all the newspapers. Nalchajioglu was photographed in one of the Kyiv nightclubs in the arms of the model Yana Belyaeva.

– Appeared publicly with girls in a city where everyone knows me. In what light did she present me? Lorak complained.

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