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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Another batch of modern trams has been sent to Chelyabinsk KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 30, 2023 Time: 10:58:20

According to the manufacturer, the technique is distinguished by improved optics and improved visibility, which increases the level of safety. Cars are equipped with new generation video systems, the equipment is combined into a single transport and information complex. This, in turn, opens up additional opportunities for the carrier and the city: it allows you to collect analytics about traffic and passenger navigation.

A year earlier, the Ust-Katav trams had already sent 30 carriages of the same model to Chelyabinsk, and before that they had sent the same number of trams of an earlier design. The three parts will close the urgent need for the regional center of rolling stock.

Parallel to the renewal of public transport, the state contract also ensures the development of mechanical engineering in the region, the government of the Chelyabinsk region notes. The orders motivate the plant to modernize the production base, build a new site where cars of various sections will be assembled.

Meanwhile, the transport reform announced by the authorities also involves infrastructure development. The modernization of the tram tracks in Chelyabinsk has been underway since 2021, and during this time about 12 kilometers have been repaired. The goal is more than doubling the pace to synchronize engineering training with the arrival of new cars. To do this, it was decided to recreate a full-fledged tracking service on the basis of the ChelyabGET transport company and increase its competition. The number of the structure, which will be dedicated to the repair and operation of the network, will be 170 people.

By the way, for the first time in Chelyabinsk this year it is planned to assemble a grid of rails and sleepers 25 meters long, which will not only increase speed, but also make the movement of cars smoother, without jerking on the joints Another innovation will be the experimental placement of large reinforced concrete slabs with rubber joints at one of the busy intersections. This should help motorists move smoothly on the tram tracks.

There will also be significant changes to the trolleybus lines. In October 2021, a concession contract was signed with the Sinara-GTR Chelyabinsk company, which involves updating the contact network, repairing and building new traction substations, improving two depots, and purchasing 168 trolleybuses designed by the dealership itself. More than half of the cars will be equipped with equipment to increase autonomous travel in order to expand routes in new micro-districts where there is still no network of contacts.

In preparation for the start of operations, the dealership also developed a signature Chelyabinsk style for horn-mounted vehicles, with red as the main color.

“Our goal was to make the project have its own face and be associated with progress, technology, a modern look at urban transport as part of a comfortable urban environment,” said Ekaterina Godlevskaya, a representative of the company, on the eve of the presentation. , also noting that the changes will incorporate the revival of the Chelyabinsk trolleybus, which has a rich history.

Recall: in 2022, the trolleybus movement in the regional center turned 80 years old, it was launched on December 5, 1942. The appearance of the first cars of a new generation in the city is expected before the end of the first quarter.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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