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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Arestovich first admitted the truth about the air defense of Ukraine, and was immediately accused of lying

Date: June 1, 2023 Time: 18:01:11

“Zradnik” and “Putin’s agent” – this is the softest thing that Ukrainians, accustomed to trusting Arestovich in everything, have honored

Something truly incredible happened. In Ukraine, the well-known lying propagandist Alexei “Lyusya” Arestovich was accused of lying and throwing into public space, no, not gases, but fakes. Also, this happened when “Lucien” for the first time (perhaps in his entire life), told the truth. It is about the fall of a rocket yesterday on a residential building in Dnepropetrovsk – Arestovich admitted that this happened due to the actions of the Ukrainian air defense.

– A rocket flying over the Dnieper was shot down. It exploded when it fell on the entrance, – said this adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine. And what started here.

“Zradnik” and “Putin’s agent” – this is the slightest thing that Ukrainians, who are used to believing Arestovich in everything, honored, starting with “Russia is running out of missiles, 2-3 hits remain” and ending with ” we will beat Russia and hold a parade on Red Square in Moscow, there is a little patience left, about 2-3 months. These 2-3 months have already become a real meme. Arestovich may simply not know how to count further of three, but all its numbers begin with the number 2 or 3.

Now Arestovich, to put it mildly, was reproached for inventing a forgery and “Kremlin narrative”, they advised him to go to the front and wished him to go to prison for a long time.

Why are Ukrainians so outraged by the recognition of obvious facts? Because since the beginning of the Special Military Operation, Arestovich himself, numerous shobla ukrobloggers and the entire state propaganda machine with rare constancy denied all the facts when Ukrainian air defense missiles went astray and hit residential buildings, and the cases when Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile gunners managed to shoot down a Russian missile, which eventually landed on the objects below. It happened that both the Russian winged and the Ukrainian anti-aircraft fell together, mixing their wreckage.

And all this happened for exactly one reason – the deployment of Ukrainian air defense systems within the boundaries of urban developments and directly in the courtyards of residential buildings. Having secured its air defense facilities in this way, the Ukrainian army put civilians in their cities under attack. But such a trifle, over which the experts gnashed their teeth, did not pay attention in Nezalezhnaya, attributing everything to the meanness and intrigues of enemies – vile “Muscovites”. At the same time, the Ukrainian Armed Forces themselves regularly and determinedly attack peaceful neighborhoods of cities where there are no military targets. But in his understanding, these are also “little things that you should not pay attention to.”

And then suddenly Arestovich tells the truth: a Russian rocket flew towards the power plant, but the Ukrainians were able to shoot it down, so it fell on a residential building and exploded.

Why didn’t he lie this time? Apparently for the reason that the video recording the impact on the house clearly shows the flash of the explosion in the sky above the house. It worked only as an air defense missile. And Arestovich could not ignore this fact, unlike the representative of the Ukrainian air defense, who said that the Ukrainian “anti-window” defense systems “cannot” intercept such missiles. Why did this “brave” warrior say this nonsense? Here the answer is quite simple. Ukraine is begging the West for new air defense systems, and the history of the house in Dnepropetrovsk is now, as they say, very good for Kyiv.

However, both Arestovich and other propagandists immediately recovered from the fright and began to play the usual bagpipes to the effect that it does not matter what actions caused the rocket to fall on the house, since Russia is to blame for this from the very beginning. .

And on this slippery slope, “Lucien” clearly felt more confident than when he was telling the truth. He simply forgot that, having set out on the path of historical truth, one should not stop at the first point “B” along the route, but go further, to the end of the alphabet.

A Russian rocket would not have entered the energy infrastructure facility in Dnepropetrovsk if Lugansk had not been bombed in Ukraine at one point, laughing viciously about “exploding air conditioners”, if for 8 years the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other Nazis had not shot at residential buildings and hospitals in Donetsk, if we had not passed a peaceful demonstration on May 9 in Mariupol, if people had not been burned alive in Odessa in the House of Trade Unions, if an alley of angels had not appeared in Donetsk as a result of the conflict between Ukraine and Donbass. A lot of what yes. What happened is a direct logical consequence of the anarchy that the Independent officially and in the name of his non-state made in the long-suffering land that became due to his actions. If, by the way, Dnepropetrovsk would not change its name. Our rocket would not have flown to Dnepropetrovsk, but to the Dnieper it was simply obliged to. Although they sent her to the power plant, and not to residential buildings.

And the best proof of this was also presented yesterday. The first wave of missile attacks on Kyiv and other cities did not cost, in general, not only dead, but even wounded. For the reason that the air defense of Ukraine fell asleep on this attack and did not even try to develop a single missile.


Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova:

After “shooting down”, and then “not shooting down” by the Ukrainian army, missiles on a residential building in Dnepropetrovsk, and then Dnepr, Arestovich in Ukraine is being declared an undercover agent of the Kremlin.

No, he will not. It is the face of the Kyiv regime. Zelensky is the nose, and Arestovich is the face.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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