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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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“Arrows of God”: Turkey openly called a possible cause of new earthquakes space weapons

Date: March 23, 2023 Time: 01:00:24

In fact, it is possible to hit Earth from space.

so it is said

The Turkish daily Sozcu circulated a speech by Serdar Hussein Yildirim, head of the Turkish Space Agency, in which he talked about a weapon capable of causing an earthquake. Here’s a verbatim translation of the space officer’s reveal, which was caught on video – I quote the post:

“…You know these power poles in the streets. They are similar to these pillars, about 8-10 meters high. Metal bars. There’s nothing inside the bar, no explosives, nothing, but it’s a metal bar made of a hard titanium alloy material. They put them on a satellite. A certain amount of. And then they take aim and launch them to Earth. It’s like a stake, a sharp point… as soon as it hits the ground, it penetrates up to 5 kilometers deep into the ground. This happens very quickly and creates a magnitude 7-8 earthquake. As a result of the impact, everything that is there will be destroyed… there are no explosives, no bombs, nothing like that. simple stick But there is such a force that comes from outer space, and you have no chance to see it, stop it, or defend yourself.”

Some kind of nonsense … My suspicions were confirmed by Alexander Zheleznyakov, a well-known expert, the author of dozens of books, including “Secrets of American Cosmonautics”, “Sex in Space”, “Secret Space”. Did Gagarin have predecessors? – that is, a person who does not shy away from scandalous topics. His comment. If I may say so, it was extremely short: “I am a full member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics! I will not comment on this nonsense. Complete nonsense! “. He agreed to explain that, in fact, it was another expert, from the same” academy “, but asked not to mention his name.

“Do not judge this Yildirim strictly,” the expert said. -After all, in his country, pain-tens of thousands of victims. Take into account the fact that he is clearly not a techie – national space agencies, as a rule, are run by politicians. In addition, the Turks are angry with the Americans: they blame them for many of their problems. But it is precisely to them that the official alludes, speaking of space weapons, supposedly capable of causing earthquakes. There is a reason And the elections are coming…

arrows of god

It turns out that Yildirim’s words aren’t complete nonsense after all. He briefly described the essence of the project to create the so-called “Arrows of God”, in the literal translation of “Rods sent by God” (Rods of God), in which the Pentagon participated in the early 2000s. I learned from some part: at that time, the foreign media was full of stories about them. But it is unlikely that he personally saw anything. Especially live.

“Arrows of God” are considered kinetic weapons, the origins of which date back to the remote past, when walls were pierced with cast-iron cannonballs and chain mail or armor with arrows.

At the current stage of evolution, scientists initially proposed a kind of hybrid idea: placing a nuclear charge in a safe so that it would go through the ground at a depth of about 30 meters at high speed and explode there. And so he destroyed reinforced concrete command bunkers that can withstand ground explosions. The Lockheed Martin company even made a prototype – a kind of long rocket with two-inch walls and a weight of two tons. But then, having made additional calculations, the military came to a surprising conclusion: it is possible to refuse not only nuclear energy, but also any explosives in general. The pump doesn’t really need anything more than speed.

The idea of ​​dropping something sharp and hard from above was last revived among Americans during the Vietnam War, and before it was implemented in World War I. From planes and planes, metal darts rained down on the “manpower” of the enemy.

Arrows that the Americans fired from planes in Vietnam.

The modern concept of darts has not changed much – “Arrows of God” became more complicated. According to the time.

The design of the “electric pole”, as Yildirim called the “rod”, is approximately the same as he described it: the length, however, is not 8-10 meters, but 6, the diameter is 30 centimeters . The material is not titanium, but much heavier and more refractory tungsten, the same one that shines in light bulbs. The RAND Corporation, which developed one of the variants of the system, planned that several dozen “rods”, “darts”, “pillars”, as you like, would be placed in space on a special satellite platform. From there they will fly down. The newest analogues of medieval warheads will enter the atmosphere at the speed of a meteorite – 11 kilometers per second. They will break through fortifications and explode with great force just because they fly so fast.

On space arrows, plumage was even provided – swivel wings for flight control and precise guidance.

And the “Arrows of God” were supposed to scare – they roared deafeningly, exerting a mental effect on enemy soldiers. The prospects were seen as follows: the ability to attack from above any ground target 15 minutes after determining its coordinates.

There is still complete nonsense – it begins with the words “it will penetrate up to 5 kilometers deep into the earth.”

– Not a single object, at least a small one, is not capable of breaking through such a thickness, – assures the expert. “Even meteors that explode at high speed are not capable of such a thing.

The approaching arrow will still be visible – from the rhenium in the atmosphere it will begin to glow brightly. The covert use of such weapons will not work.

Can an explosion, even a very strong one, cause an earthquake? This is definitely not a fact, but rather a dubious assumption.

Conclusion: nobody shot darts at Turkey.

someone is targeting someone

The fate of the American “kinetic weapons” is unknown. The experts made no secret of the fact that it would be prohibitively expensive to put something like this in space. Let it be effective

The British were once going to throw smaller darts than the Americans, three feet long. And not from space, but from Earth. More precisely, from the sea, installing the so-called electromagnetic crossbows on ships. These devices have barrels similar to pistols. Inside they have coils with windings that accelerate metal arrows, like a train on an electromagnetic cushion.

In the experiments, the military launched darts at seven times the speed of sound. They even wanted to shoot down planes, they would not have time to dodge.

Chinese probe with “payload”.

In 2020, a photo appeared on which a certain balloon is visible, on which a clip with “rods” hangs. From the comments it follows that the globe is Chinese, like the clip. And a photo of the tests of a certain installation copying the “Arrows of God”, which took place in China in 2018.

“Payload” – darts tested by the Chinese.

Amateur tests were carried out by American enthusiasts, they even recorded a video.

No one has ever hinted at the idea of ​​​​arranging earthquakes with the help of arrows. The championship belongs to the head of the Turkish Space Agency.

A kinetic projectile goes through a wall.

In 2021, Vladimir Putin spoke about “kinetic weapons” at a meeting in Sochi with representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the military-industrial complex. He put it on a par with laser and hypersonic, called it “a real breakthrough in the field of military technology.” But he did not specify what he was referring to exactly. Most likely electromagnetic weapons.

According to common sense, no one has the “Arrows of God”, really in the form of ready-made weapons, yet.


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