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Monday, December 11, 2023
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Artur Smolyaninov’s mother * responded to Okhlobystin’s accusations: “The son never beat his wife, only journalists”

Date: December 11, 2023 Time: 00:04:02

The scandals around the actor do not abate

Photo: Artyom KILKIN (file)

Actor Artur Smolyaninov*, who used to avoid journalists and camera flashes, has been on the front pages of Russian publications for half a month. A huge scandal was first caused by his words that if he was sent to the front, he would take part in the conflict on the Ukrainian side.

Added fuel to the fire and his godfather Ivan Okhlobystin. The actor tried to defend Arthur’s ex-wife, Daria Melnikova, who was struck by a wave of hatred after Smolyaninov’s trick. But instead, Okhlobystin revealed to the public a terrible family secret: “Do not poison Smolyaninov’s ex-wife *. It’s not her fault. She hit him hard, ”wrote the artist on his social networks.

And now a new wave of popular anger once again hit Smolyaninov *, and chaos began on Melnikova’s own social networks. Soon, the actress closed the comments under her posts. But earlier in all interviews, the beauty assured that they remained friends with her husband, dispersing without unnecessary scandals out of mutual desire, so Komsomolskaya Pravda decided to find out what was really happening in her family.

The novel turned to the right on the set PHOTO: social networks


The unexpected news about the wedding of “daddy’s daughter” Daria Melnikova shocked relatives and fans in 2013. Hearing the cherished words of the 20-year-old actress: “I’m getting married!”, then it seemed simply unthinkable, because the girl he had not officially met with anyone. It turned out that the romance with the star of the “9th company” spun on the set of the series “Major Sokolov’s Getters”. Even close friends of the artist did not know about it.

The wedding was peaceful: the newlyweds refused luxurious outfits and large-scale holidays. Celebrated in a family way. Two years later, their first child was born, named after his father Arthur. In 2018, the second was born: Mark. And then suddenly the following unexpected news: one of the most beautiful couples in the Russian show business broke up. Neither of them revealed the reason for the divorce, so, as often happens, rumors began to circulate. Someone even accused Smolyaninov * of alcoholism, but there was no talk of domestic violence.

KP.RU asked about that period in the artist’s life in order to remember her colleagues at the Yermolova Theater, where Daria has been serving since 2013.

The artists got married in 2013 PHOTO: social networks

– We just started showing the play “Duck Hunt”, where Dasha played. But she got pregnant with her second baby and she went on maternity leave. Thus, we find out about the divorce from her and all these ups and downs after the fact, the artist’s colleagues recall. -Dasha never talked about her personal life and she never complained about her. For Dasha, this topic has always been closed. But there were no rumors that her husband beat her in the theater.

Melnikova really always talked about her personal life only in passing, so only her relatives knew what was happening at home. Including the mother of Arthur himself, who, after Okhlobystin’s words, had to defend her son from her.


In a conversation with KP.RU, he opened up about his relationship with his former daughter-in-law.

Unexpected news about divorce sounded in 2021 PHOTO: social networks

– I do not comment on anything at all, but there were definitely no beatings. This is bullshit. That is, not a gray mare, but Ivan Okhlobystin, – Maria Smolyaninova was outraged in a conversation with KP.RU. Why she said that, I don’t know, ask her.

– Did you have a good relationship with Daria?

– There was and there is, – assures the former mother-in-law of the actress. – Nobody beat Darya Melnikova! They had a great relationship. Scattered simply because… scattered. How billions of people disperse. Their relationship never deteriorated. Never. I also communicate well with Daria, I work with my grandchildren.

However, Smolyaninov * still had aggressive antics. The mother of the star did not deny it. True, not close people were attacked, but obsessive journalists, with whom the artist forbade his mother to communicate.

Why didn’t he give interviews to anyone for 10 years? In addition to those detailed in the filming contracts. Because basically he doesn’t like journalists. She does not like to publish any information about his personal life. He wants to live like normal people. Like us, like you. As those who are not at gunpoint, the woman explains the position of her son. -Here she did not raise her hand to Daria, but she did raise her hand to the journalists. When they filmed it secretly, through a phone, she could go up and take the phone or whatever. He was hard on journalists, unlike women.


Also sharply, according to his mother, Artur Smolyaninov * reacted to Okhlobystin’s words about violence, which were quickly replicated by the press.

Daria and Artur were on good terms PHOTO: social networks

– He forbids me to read nonsense. He said, “Mom, don’t read anything, don’t watch all these videos.” That’s all he could say. protects me. He believes that a normal person does not read the yellow press, – laughs Maria Smolyaninova.

As for Melnikova herself, she has not yet reacted to the statement of her ex-husband’s godfather. She did not agree to answer questions from KP.RU and hung up. But the main question that remained in the air and worries the fans is: “Is Daria going to emigrate after her husband?” We asked Maria Smolyaninova.

“No,” the woman replies firmly.

– I mean, she and the children will stay here?

– We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, what will happen in a year, so I can’t vouch for God’s providence, I’m sorry.

– Do you communicate well with children?

– Everyday!

* – recognized as a foreign agent


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