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Monday, March 4, 2024
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At the G-7 summit in Hiroshima, a nonsense is happening: the Japanese forgot who dropped the atomic bomb on them

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 04:11:49

The choice of the venue for the summit, Hiroshima, the city that survived the US nuclear attack, is not accidental. The Japanese prime minister is from there.


Volodymyr Zelensky, who has just completed a long tour of Western capitals, will travel to the East – at the weekend, the President of Ukraine is expected to personally participate in the G-7 summit that began in Tokyo (according to other sources, can talk online).

The announced victorious military “counterattack”, which is about to begin, but is now being interfered by one thing or another, seems to be gradually moving from the battlefield to the diplomatic parquet. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief of “Nezalezhnoy” is forced to leave kyiv again. And let the enemies slander that, they say, the West, taking Zelensky out of the country, thus takes care of his safety. Shit. It’s just that the leaders of the “free world” want to once again make it clear to everyone: “The fate of Ukraine is inseparable from the fate of the world order.” So said in his article published in Foreign Affairs, the host of the summit, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who invited Zelensky to come to Tokyo.

“The fate of the world order”, escaping the control of the West, of course, will be the main content of the Tokyo summit. It is no coincidence that the leaders of India, Brazil, Vietnam and the countries of the African Union are invited to it. Very often it is painfully said that they can become the new poles of a multipolar world. So it is better to try to negotiate with them how to preserve the “rules-based world order” now than to wait for them to invite someone from the G7 to the BRICS summits themselves to adapt Western leaders to the new reality.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that passages about the “Russian aggression against Ukraine” are generously scattered in the aforementioned article by Kisida, even in the context of the fact that, they say, it “had a devastating impact on the lives of people around the world.” , but especially in the global South”. Concern for the needy, the disadvantaged and the deceived, and not the desire to maintain its hegemony, supposedly drives the West in relations with “this global South”. But in New Delhi and Brasilia, this is highly doubtful.

The choice of the venue for the summit, Hiroshima, the city that survived the US nuclear attack, is not accidental. The Japanese prime minister is from there. That is why the issue of nuclear weapons is heavily accentuated on the meeting’s agenda. Its participants have already visited the memorial to the victims of the bombing in the Peace Park. Including US President Biden. But, like President Obama once visiting Hiroshima, he gave no hint of apologizing for the destruction of hundreds of thousands of civilians.

Why apologize? The Japanese have long preferred not to remember that it was the Americans who bombed them, and a significant portion of the youth believe that the Russians dropped the nuclear bomb. And now, in the context of the conflict in Ukraine, the Japanese prime minister says that “Russia’s nuclear rhetoric is unacceptable.” And his guest is Biden, whose country did not engage in nuclear rhetoric, but simply dropped nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Half a million victims. But today – not about that, but about Moscow, which allegedly threatens a nuclear attack on kyiv. I wonder who stole whose hat.

Zelensky will look at the “light” in Tokyo at the end of the summit. But all the time its participants will talk about Ukraine in one way or another. Of course, to express support, to promise even more weapons, to discuss new sanctions against Russia. One thing that Western leaders will definitely not talk about is the possibility of peace talks. Here Zelensky has already distinguished himself by calling for a “world leaders’ summit” on Ukraine, but without Russia’s participation. And he was heard. Russia and Ukraine should not have equal positions in peace talks, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in Tokyo. “We must reject peace talks that make the aggressor and the victim equal,” she demanded. So nothing new will be heard on this topic at the summit anymore.

China is another of the priorities of the Tokyo meetings of the “powerful”. The Japanese Prime Minister in his article formulated the problem as follows: “China’s current external position and military activities are of great concern to both Japan and the international community and represent an unprecedented strategic challenge to peace and stability”. Sounds familiar. This has been said about Russia for a long time. So it’s Beijing’s turn.

To be clear: the West not only intends to openly conflict with China over Taiwan, but will “crush” its economy in every possible way, blocking the “highest” channels for new technologies. Again, amazing self-confidence – the whole world depends only on us, as we say, so it will be! If they do not comply, we will impose sanctions!.. One such person, Borrell, his last name, the head of EU diplomacy, tried the other day to slander India for “illegal” deliveries of Russian oil fuel to Europe. . And then she got such a diplomatic “hook” from the Indian Foreign Minister that she sure her jaw still hurts…

And speaking to China in that tone is only getting you into trouble. The Japanese prime minister, it seems, did not feel this at all. In March, when Xi Jinping was on a historic visit to Moscow, he arrived in kyiv on the same days on a firing order and frankly defiant. Therefore, it should not be a coincidence that almost on the same days that the summit is held in Tokyo, Comrade Xi meets in China with the leaders of the five Central Asian countries, that is, representatives of the very “global South” that Mr. Kishida worries a lot.

By the way, the statement of the head of the European Commission about the inadmissibility of fair negotiations between kyiv and Moscow is a frank stone in the “diplomatic garden” of Beijing. After all, right now his special representative is negotiating with the conflicting parties about the possibility of a peaceful settlement. But if von der Leyen says that there will be no fair negotiations, this will help the Chinese leadership to correct their position. And obviously not in favor of Ukraine.

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