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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Aurus SUV enters the market, Aurus motorcycle is being tested KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 30, 2023 Time: 10:57:43

Relatively soon, in two years, the mass production of Aurus Merlon motorcycles is promised. At the same time, the entry into the commercial market of the first heavy domestic electric motorcycle “Merlon” was initially announced for 2024, then the deadlines were moved to 2025. But really, at what stage is work on “Merlon” now?

Vadim Pereverzev: At the prototype testing stage. There are prototypes, we brought one here, to the FSO circuit in Staraya Kupavna.

We speak with you, before the novelty: the SUV Aurus Komendant. It is named so not in honor of a specific Kremlin commander, but by the name of the Kremlin tower. Namely: we are talking about the north-western wall tower, built in 1495 under the direction of the Italian architect Aleviz Fryazin (senior). The name is appropriate, since this tower was originally called Kolymazhnaya. A medieval version of the “Special Purpose Garage” was laid out below – the Kolymazhny Yard, where the royal chariots were kept. And the name Merlon is also associated with the architecture of the Kremlin. Merlon is, if you translate from engineering language into common language, a spike in the Kremlin wall. Actually, who comes up with these names? You or the intelligence agencies?

Vadim Pereverzev: Together.

Brilliantly concise answer! But I won’t give up so easily. I’m going to ask about that “Merlon”, which is a motorcycle. Are security officials the main consumer of heavy home electric bikes? Or will you go to the commercial market?

Vadim Pereverzev: Both.

As for the novelty, Aurus Komendant, who are your competitors today?

Vadim Pereverzev: In a broad sense, Aurus’s competitors are always cars in the luxury class. First of all, Rolls-Royce and Bentley. Perhaps, to some extent, “Maybach”. As they were, so they remain today.

Can you tell me a bit more about the “Commander”?

Vadim Pereverzev: Belongs to the class of crossovers and SUVs. “Commandant” is more compact than its predecessors. It has increased ground clearance, which allows it to be used both on and off roads. Equipped with air suspension, which allows you to adjust the ground clearance depending on the conditions. The machine is all-wheel drive, on any roads and weather conditions it allows you to achieve maximum performance. We made Aurus Komendant with a big eye on the driver, that is, so that the car owner gets maximum pleasure from the driving process. And you could take advantage of all the features of this car. The SUV has the same powertrain as the Aurus sedan. The maximum power necessary for dynamic movement on roads of all kinds is provided.

In which structures were the first “Commanders” placed?

Vadim Pereverzev: Several cars are already working on the GON, since the whole project was made with the special-purpose garage in mind. Actually, we initially created the entire Aurus project in close cooperation with our client, as we call our colleagues at the FSO. The “Commander” for the FSO differs from commercial versions, let’s say, in the features of the settings.

Your Aurus Komendant has an armored version, but as I understand it, we are not talking about the armored car now?

Vadim Pereverzev: Yes, now we do not present it. But the armored version will also be available to commercial buyers.


* Aurus Komendant is assembled in Yelabuga, localization level is over 70%. And he will continue to rise. The all-wheel drive luxury SUV is equipped with a 598-hp engine, available in nine colors and seven interior options.

* The power of the Aurus Merlon electric motorcycle developed by us is 140 kW, the top speed is 200 km/h, the weight is 350 kg, and the range is 200 km. Up to 100 km/h, the electric motorcycle accelerates in 3.7 seconds. The creators promise the possibility of operating at temperatures down to minus 25 degrees Celsius.

By the way

Today, the Aurus lineup includes the Senate (sedan and limousine), Arsenal (minivan), and Komendant. The “RG” correspondent conducted a mini-investigation: who is still standing at the origins of the names of specific models? One pattern catches the eye: the cars are named after the Kremlin towers (Arsenal and Komendantskaya). At the same time, the commander of the Moscow Kremlin, under whom the mentioned machines were created, clearly answered: “I did not participate.”

The intrigue remains, however, in the world of special services it does not happen otherwise. Food for thought though: do you know how many towers the Moscow Kremlin has? Correct answer: 20! At the moment, only two titles have been used (this without counting “Merlon”), so there are 18 free titles left. Which opens up endless possibilities for Aurus designers.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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