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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Auto expert Igor Morzharetto: I have a technically poor idea how to draw an accident diagram inside a device and put arrows on the location of cars at the time of a traffic accident under stress – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 03:36:53

Igor Morzharetto, car expert

Very positive news: motorists will get acquainted with the possibility in the mobile application “OSAGO Assistant” to draw an accident diagram directly on the smartphone screen. This writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. The driver will be able to draw the location of the cars in the event of an accident, put arrows showing the direction of movement of the affected cars, indicate road markings and signs. Signs, traffic lights and even obstacles can be selected in the app from a special database. Road knowledge will soon appear in mobile application online stores.

Another question is how quickly people will be able to get used to this technology, it’s still hard for me to say. The matter is that at us approximately fifty percent of the population allocate now small failures by means of the Europrotocol. And you know, this is a wonderful number.

But other surveys gave absolutely fantastic and unsatisfactory statistics: thirty percent of drivers do not know at all that it is possible to issue an OSAGO policy in electronic form. In other words, it turns out that in our country there are many computerized and knowledgeable people, but there are also a large number of those who do not know how to use the new technologies, who need to be educated in this regard. Because they don’t even know the modern version of an electronic policy, although this is elementary and the law allows you to file it online.

So if an innovation has come along, it’s great, but I don’t really understand how many people will be able to use it. For example, I still have a technically poor idea how to draw an accident diagram inside the device and put arrows for the location of cars at the time of a traffic accident under stress, because any accident, even a small one, is surprise and stress. Perhaps for me personally, as a person who is not young, it is even easier to draw on a piece of paper and re-photograph what happened, and then paste it myself on the notice.

But still, if many people use the great and excellent new features of the developers, we will continue to move along the path of progress, slowly dominating smartphones and other devices.

Do insurers repair cars after accidents with high quality? It’s a bit of an ambiguous question, like the average temperature in a hospital. They do it differently. However, auto insurers have an obligation to repair well and responsibly, and there are many options to ensure everything is done completely. If something does not suit you, you can resolve this sanction through the courts or by filing a complaint with the Ombudsman. Now there really remains a big problem with spare parts for some models, they are not always available, therefore repair deadlines are also violated, sometimes for purely objective reasons.

In general, to avoid paperwork and small accidents in snowy weather, the Hydrometeorological Center always advises: let’s do without car trips.

But someone still urgently needs to go. The best advice is to listen to the meteorologists. You can also use the metro, although it is noisy there. And if you go, then you need to do it carefully: no sudden movements, braking, acceleration, speeding – this is not for winter. As for “turn in the direction of the skate when skating”, I will not recommend this. There are some technical points that may not work in an emergency.

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