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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Bailiffs are looking for the husband of seriously ill Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 21:56:41

Skateboarder Pyotr Chernyshev owes about 100 thousand rubles in fines to the traffic police

Photo: Artem KILKIN

While Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is undergoing another therapy in a private Moscow clinic, where the actress is saved from brain glioblastoma, her husband, Pyotr Chernyshev, regularly visits his wife. But there is a problem with parking near the hospital, which is why the skater is fined from time to time by the traffic police.

As it became known to KP.RU, in recent months Chernyshev received more than two dozen “letters of happiness” for violating traffic rules, most of which are for 5,000 rubles each – these are penalties for improper parking. The total amount of the skater’s unpaid fines is 91,500 rubles, and some of them are due from October-November 2022, for which the bailiffs have already started enforcement proceedings. This is fraught with problems: unpaid amounts can result in money being forced out of bank accounts, piling up fines, and other problems.

Meanwhile, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk herself may reappear on the screen in the near future: the series “Bailiffs” should be released, in which the actress starred in 2017, but the project was frozen. There is no talk of new shootings in the case of Zavorotnyuk: according to experts, after such a serious illness, this is impossible. The main thing is to survive and at least minimally serve yourself.

– When a large part of a person’s brain is cut out, it becomes completely different. The brain is damaged; there may be cognitive problems. Zavorotnyuk is unlikely to be able to deliver monologues, if only to appear in episodes, Russian Academy of Sciences correspondent Professor Pyotr Chumakov, who personally saw the actress’s tumor cells and developed a treatment, told KP.RU. viral. for her. -I understand that she has certain difficulties: she is in a wheelchair, she does not walk alone. Unfortunately, this disease is one of the worst and the prognosis is almost always poor. The profession in this case is not the main thing, saving life is already a victory.

In addition, with such a diagnosis it is impossible to maintain the same appearance. Doctors do not exclude that now the actress looks the same as Zhanna Friske once: swelling and excess weight are inevitable consequences of treatment.


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