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Friday, March 1, 2024
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“Bakhmut Fortress” * fell. Does the crest of the Armed Forces of Ukraine break along with it: Commissar Steshin understands

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 23:58:42

On the day of the liberation of Mariupol, Bakhmut again became Artemovsk.

Photo: Alexander KOTS

The Russian Defense Ministry on its Telegram channel reported that “as a result of the offensive actions of the Wagner assault detachments, with the support of artillery and aviation of the Southern Group of Forces, the liberation of the city of Artemovsk has been completed. . ” Vladimir Putin congratulated the military on the liberation of Artemovsk. The Kremlin noted that “all those who distinguished themselves will be presented for state awards.”

I will write honestly: I have not been to Bakhmut itself, but I climbed this “fortress” along the flanks and outskirts in the midst of the fighting. I saw how Bakhmut smoked and swelled with explosions, how the enemy broke, trying to bring down the offensive in the same Podgorodny, a village with a spoken name, from it to a multi-storey building only one and a half kilometers.

I personally saw the latest attempt by the enemy to prevent the liberation of the city. A week ago, in the village of Paraskoveevka, which adjoins Bakhmut, it was relatively calm, but a day later it was no longer. The enemy, who was at a distance of about 10 kilometers, suddenly turned out to be very close. And a pleasant excursion to the “arms mine” suddenly turned into a dangerous event with an unpredictable outcome. Because, along with Paraskoveevka, the Soledar road, taken in winter, turned out to be crossed. Positions near Bakhmut often changed hands, which is a rarity in modern battles. The enemy is driven off or put into cauldrons. “From hand to hand” – this is Mga, Kolpino, Pulkovo Heights, Stalingrad. The last place name corresponds more closely to Bakhmut-Artemovsk. At Stalingrad, a German’s spine was broken and the war spread westward. I dare to hope that the same thing will happen after the Bakhmut meat grinder. The leader of the enemy, like Hitler, gave both Bakhmut and Stalingrad a special ideological and mystical meaning. I would not be surprised if Zelensky also declares mourning in memory of the resistance of the German Ukrainian soldiers (sorry, crossed out). He threw them into the “Bakhmut meat grinder” almost without counting. There are stories told by the captive vushniks themselves: “I went to the store, they detained me, they checked my documents, two days later I ended up in a forest plantation near Bakhmut.”

The battles for Bakhmut raged for several months.


Bakhmut brought many disappointments to the kyiv regime, opened his eyes to many things. For example, kyiv learned that superior manpower and mobilization resources is not the most decisive factor. The Western team, which Bakhmut trusted so much, burned out on the Chasovy Yar highway, the rear base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and was unable to create any turning point. Western advisers, free and fast, providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with any information and help support, are useless in close-range street battles. And the Hymers suddenly lost their vaunted accuracy, this information was confirmed by dozens of Western military experts in the most respectable publications. As those who fought in Artemovsk unofficially explained to me, “we stole all the electronic warfare equipment near Bakhmut, we even captured Western and dill systems, and we blocked everything.” Another unpleasant discovery is the role of Western mercenaries. Two categories of Western citizens are going to “fight the Russians”: idiots and professionals. The idiots at the front are of no use, and the professionals are ready to fight, but not to die. There is a big difference between these words.

Yevgeny Prigozhin said that the city of Bakhmut is completely under the control of Russian forces.


I will assume that it was the “battle for Bakhmut” that, if not interrupted, then postponed the “counterattack” that kyiv had long and painfully announced. Until now, it is impossible to count how many AFUs have lost killed, wounded and missing in Bakhmut; in general, there is a dark forest with unpleasant surprises for kyiv and the West. But the shattered armor can be accurately calculated. And so ours knocked out about 300 units of armored vehicles, of which 95 units are NATO-made.

Whats Next? Much depends on how Ukrainian society survives the loss of the indestructible Bakhmut fortress against which the Moksha-Katsap hordes were going to crush. He breaks and backs up to the gates of Moscow. But, it turned out the opposite. And ahead of our Slavic-Kramatorsk agglomeration – a hundred-kilometer-long tunnel of private buildings, high-rise buildings, industrial zones and factories. Will the vushniks defend him as fiercely as Bakhmut or “are there no more bad guys?”. Nobody knows, we’ll see. Meanwhile, on the day of the liberation of Mariupol, Bakhmut again became Artemovsk.

* Bakhmut Fortress in Ukrainian


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