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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Bankrupt stars: why showbiz sharks sell their clothes down to their panties and are forced to save

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 01:02:58

Philip gets rid of XXXL-sized things

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

The crisis hit the Russian show business during the pandemic. Many artists admitted that they were unemployed for months.

– There were no tours at all. He survived only thanks to a small air pocket, humorist Svyatoslav Yeshchenko recalls in a conversation with KP. – And on the eve of the pandemic, I dreamed: “Oh, how to take a break from work!” And here is an unscheduled vacation for you. An idiot’s dream come true. I sat without concerts for several months in a village in the Voronezh region.

But even after the pandemic recession, artists, used to denying themselves nothing, had to learn how to save money. The times when the rich, without hesitation, invested tidy sums for corporate parties, have passed, there are fewer concerts. Yes, and now shopping in Milan or Paris is prohibited due to Western sanctions. Flaunting fancy new clothes is now rude: restraint and import substitution are in. So the stars decided to shake up their closets and get rid of the excesses. “KP” found out what celebrity things you can buy in online stores.

Rudkovskaya took offense at Chanel

Previously, Yana Rudkovskaya spent millions on branded items. And now she is selling her husband’s things Evgeni Plushenko.


Even luxury-loving producer Yana Rudkovskaya admitted that although she flies to Paris for Fashion Week, she hasn’t bought anything from Western brands for a long time. She supports Russian designers.

– The attitude towards fashion has changed. I no longer want to spend money on a closet. After the story with Chanel (the brand refuses to sell its products to the Russians. – Ed.), Fashion has depreciated, – explains Yana Rudkovskaya. – Basically I’m not going to buy a new one, I’m going to wear a vintage suit, I have a lot. Only if they give…

Now I’m in a tracksuit, I dress very democratically. And I’m comfortable. If earlier there was a bag or some kind of novelty, I bought it, throwing away crazy money, but now I want some kind of individuality. I think that Russian designers will gain momentum. And the world fashion… I don’t know when I can come back to this again.

Evgeny Plushenko.


Even during the pandemic, Yana overhauled the family wardrobe and put some of the brand’s items up for sale in one of the online stores. Now there are new batches. For example, Louis Vuitton jeans worn by Yana’s husband, Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko. Initially, it was sold for 1 million 384 thousand rubles. But, apparently, all Russian fashionistas are now short of money, so the price has dropped to 980 thousand.

Philip gets rid of XXXL-sized things

Top pop fashionist Philip Kirkorov has also lost interest in buying abroad.

– I’m not going shopping abroad now. If I need something, I can buy it in Russia, – Philip shared with Komsomolskaya Pravda.

In the same online store where Rudkovskaya’s things are sold, there are fresh batches of Kirkorov. For example, a new rabbit fur coat for 297 thousand rubles, and two designer sheepskin coats for 238 thousand. “Not new, but in good condition,” says an ad on the site. Another of Kirkorov’s unusual lots is a beaver fur coat for 154 thousand rubles, which he never wore. The item is sold with a tag.

If earlier the artist tried to get rid of things that were out of fashion, now Kirkorov, after a tummy tuck, has decently lost weight and is simply drowning in old things. According to plastic surgeon Timur Khaidarov, who performed liposuction on the artist in December, before the operation, Philip used to wear an XXL size. And now he is buying things in size L. Experts have calculated that cubes in the press and other changes in appearance cost the singer about 3 million rubles.

Interestingly, Kirkorov has many exactly the same batches. For example, Philipp Plein’s sweatshirts from the Playboy collection, which the artist sells for 37 thousand: the same style is presented in different colors. The same is the case with Philipp Plein T-shirts with a print of skulls, which the singer posted on the website for 26,667 rubles: they differ only in tone. Philip has repeatedly said that after the role of the Devil in the musical Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka, “pink blouses”, divorce and other scandals rained down on him. Since then, he categorically refuses to play evil spirits and does not wear anything demonic. Apparently, therefore, almost the entire collection of T-shirts with skulls went under the hammer. Sneakers with a strong wear effect from the Black Dioniso brand for 24 thousand rubles are also presented in two identical pairs. Either Philip bought everything without looking, having a hard time choosing, or, like Grigory Leps, he just takes a bunch of the same things in which he feels as comfortable as possible.

24 thousand rubles Kirkorov sells clothes bought ten years ago. Many items are new with tags.

The store has many outfits in which the artist appeared at social events, for example, a Dolce & Gabbana coat for 238 thousand and a jacket with fur cuffs for 190 thousand. All these things are ten years old – the collection was bought when the artist’s daughter Alla-Victoria was born.

They even offer panties.

Mikhail Turetsky’s T-shirt.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

The suite was also put up for sale by the beloved women of the musician Mikhail Turetsky, the artist’s wife and daughter. True, not his own, but the head of the family. In the same online store, ladies ask for a designer men’s sweater for 22,000 rubles, and a Tom Ford shirt is sold for 13,500 rubles.

Singer Irina Dubtsova posted a Valentino bag for 159 thousand on the bulletin board. But the product was not in demand, and now it appears on the website with a different price – 110,800 rubles.

Apparently, after the anti-Russian statements, not everything is calm financially with the Meladze family. The singer’s daughter Inga decided to get some money from the sale of her wardrobe: here is a Louis Vuitton bag for 74 thousand rubles and Prada beach shorts for 9 thousand.

Inga Meladze beach shorts.


They sell vintage stuff and sports stars. Tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova tries to put on black knitted shorts, more like the underwear our grandmothers wore. The issue price is 12 thousand rubles.

Shorts by Svetlana Kuznetsova.

Photo: Marina VOLOSEVICH


Fans cash in on Shatunov and Shnurov

Sergei Shnurov.

Photo: Alexander GLUZ

120 thousand rubles

Photo: Alexander GLUZ

Fans also often sell star items on social media. Either Kirkorov’s old shoes will go on sale for 30 thousand rubles, or an attempt will be made to shake the fetishists out of the underwear of the singer Anna Kalashnikova.

– On the set of the video “Unarmed” I lost a set of underwear from the dressing room – transparent panties and a bra. Then the journalists call: they saw your underwear on Avito for 120 thousand rubles, Anna told KP.

Yura Shatunov. Photo: Person Stars

Fans sell Tender May star T-shirts and their school notebooks.

During the crisis, sales of VIP “junk” intensified. Now the largest number of advertisements on the Internet is associated with the name of the late Yura Shatunov. So, for a T-shirt from the wardrobe of the stars of “Tender May” they ask 200 thousand rubles. The owner of the lot swears: the thing is genuine, obtained from the hands of the artist at his 2010 concert. Shatunov’s school notebooks are also offered for auction. But the price on the site is not indicated, and the seller of the lot for some reason does not respond to inquiries. For Sergei Shnurov’s gold seal, decorated with 13 diamonds, a fan of the singer from Sevastopol wants to help with 120 thousand rubles. Lots of celebrity autograph deals. The most expensive lot is a painting by Yana Rudkovskaya on a postcard and a felt-tip pen that she touched. Fans estimated them at 300 thousand rubles. Slightly cheaper are the handprints and autographs from the Time Machine group. A fan of the band sells this drywall for 199 thousand rubles. An order of magnitude less are the autographs of Alla Pugacheva (an average of 20 thousand rubles). But Morgenstern’s autograph* can now be purchased for 2,500 rubles. True, the artist’s personal belongings are already worth a lot. Collectors ask 500,000 rubles for a fighter’s suit and are willing to part with a T-shirt for 350,000 rubles.


*Recognized as a foreign agent in Russia.


Stas Mikhailov sells pillowcases

Favorite ladies Stas Mikhailov decided to shake off the old days and resume the previous project. During the popularity of the song “Everything for you”, the artist produced custom bedding. Now Stas has again prepared a collection for fans: there are bedding, and fur bedspreads, and dishes.

Ivanushki International soloists Kirill Turichenko and Andrei Appolonov-Grigoriev decided to go the other way. They began to produce small things for the home under their own names. And today, in almost all major shopping centers in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Sochi, you can buy everything at affordable prices, from a hairdryer to pencils, with the symbols of “Ivanushki”.

– Having, for example, a restaurant now is very difficult. There are many risks, mainly in connection with the world crisis, – explained Kirill Turichenko to “KP” “Ivanushka”. – With goods of a wide profile much easier. So I think our business will grow and develop.


Mike Messi and Sandra’s bra

In social networks, even things from world celebrities are offered. So, the bedding set of the busty star of the 80s Sandra can be bought for 500 thousand rubles. The model Naomi Campbell asks 300 thousand for dark glasses. True, to prove the authenticity of such “souvenirs” is almost impossible.

Another strange batch is a nondescript pen. But the seller claims that with his help, Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson gave him 100 autographs. Like, that’s why he bites the price of the trophy – 10 thousand dollars.

One of the most expensive lots (3 million rubles) is the shirt of football legend Lionel Messi, in which he played for the Barcelona football club. True, the owner warns that he does not have a certificate of authenticity.

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