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Friday, December 8, 2023
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BBVA, ING… The best offers from banks for turning friends into customers

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 11:41:14

Banco Santander has once again reactivated its ‘friend plan’ to attract new customers. These programs are intended to encourage the acquisition of new customers through referrals from existing customers. Basically, if you are a customer of a bank and you refer someone (a friend, relative, etc.) to become a customer of that same bank, both of you can benefit from rewards or incentives.

Rewards may vary depending on the bank and the particular program. Some potential rewards include cash bonuses, gifts, discounts on financial products or services, or even bank fee waivers.

At present, as Kelisto has informed La Información, there are four banks that offer monetary incentives to their already clients and that manage to attract new users through promotions called “friend plans”. These banks are BBVA, Banco Santander, ING and Self Bank. These last two entities are the ones that have been implementing this type of promotion for the longest time.

These are the planes offered by BBVA

BBVA offers three friend plans: “Invite a Friend Plan – Boost”, “Friend Vacation Plan” and “Friend Payroll Plan”. With the “Invite a Friend – Boost Plan”, if the client invites his friends to open an Online Account with No Fees at BBVA and makes a purchase of more than 15 euros, he will receive 35 euros for each one, with a maximum of 350 euros for 10 users, and each friend, in turn, will receive 15 euros.

The “Friend Vacation Plan” offers a gift of 1,000 euros to travel to any destination. To obtain it, you must invite three friends to open an Online Account Without Commissions and make a purchase of at least 30 euros with the Aqua Debito card. These three friends must invite three other friends each, and so on. The first group of friends to reach 100 invited friends will receive the prize of 1,000 euros in the form of a voucher redeemable for a complete trip (transportation and accommodation) for each participant of the winning team.

In the case of the “Plan Amigo Nómina”, if the client invites their friends to open a Nómina Va Contigo Account at BBVA and they direct deposit a salary of at least 800 euros, they will receive 50 euros each, with a maximum of 10 friends , that is, a total of 500 euros. In addition, your friends will receive 250 euros as a bonus.

Banco Santander also offers benefits for up to 10 friends

With the Banco Santander Friend Plan you can get up to 500 or up to 300 euros in cash, depending on the requirements that are available to meet the users who come recommended by you: if they contract the Santander Online Account, they direct deposit a minimum salary of 600 euros and they accept a stay of 24 months, you would get 50 euros per friend (up to a maximum of 10), while each of their contacts would receive 150 euros.

If they open the Online Account, make a transaction with a debit card and activate Bizum, you would get 30 euros per friend, up to a maximum of 10 (in this case, your friend would also get 30 euros).

ING offers you to win up to 400 euros

ING’s Friend Plan allows its clients to get 40 euros for attracting new users (who also received this amount), up to a maximum of 10 friends (ie, they would get up to 400 euros in total). To achieve this, the new user had to sign up for the ING Salary Account and, therefore, deposit their salary in the entity.

Self Bank rewards up to 150 euros when inviting friends

Self Bank, for its part, allows old and new customers to take up to 150 euros. The final amount that each of them will get will depend on the operations that the newcomer does.

The client must enter 2,000 euros in an account, which will allow the “godfather” and his “godson” to take 20 euros each. In addition, you will need to keep three direct debit receipts for a minimum of one year, it will also mean a prize of 20 euros for both.

For purchases or transfers of investment funds worth 6,000 euros: 40 euros for each one. For purchases or transfers of pension planes worth 6,000 euros: 30 euros for each one. Finally, you can also carry out a minimum of five operations in: 40 euros for each bag. The “godfather” can only enjoy a maximum of 10 friends, which limits the amount he can get to a total of 1,500 euros

What do I have to do to opt for a ‘Plan Amigo’?

To participate in a Plan Amigo, generally you must follow certain steps, which may vary depending on the bank. These steps typically include registering the referral through a specific link or code provided by the bank, making sure the new customer meets the requirements set forth by the bank (such as opening an account or signing up for a financial product), and waiting for that the conditions necessary to receive the reward are met.

It is important to bear in mind that the specific conditions and benefits of the Plan Amigo programs may change depending on each bank and the period in which you are. Therefore, it is advisable to check directly with your bank of choice for up-to-date information on the programs they offer.

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