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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Beavers come to the aid of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 07:05:33

The beavers have gnawed through a lot of trees and have made dams that flood the area and interfere with the movement of the team.


Almost since the beginning of the Russian Special Military Operation, Kyiv has been practicing non-traditional forms of armed rebuff. Everyone remembers the legends about the “Ghost of Kyiv”, and even the (still) President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky even spoke about the jar of air defense pickles, with which a housewife shot down a Russian drone. But it turned out that this help for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, even together with the molfars and witches, was not enough. And then the Ukrainians called for help from all the power of nature, flora and fauna.

Somewhere at the beginning of the summer, there was a whole wave of reports in the Ukrainian media that somewhere near a patriotic beekeeper, patriotically educated bjols (bees) “stung the occupiers to death.” The coordinates of the apiary turned out to be a military secret, and therefore the exact place where it happened remained a mystery.

However, the bees were only the beginning of the struggle of the Ukrainian fauna with the “aggressor state”. The next to fight the “Muscovites” stood up, no, not the wolves. And the hares. The gray long ears, which are a symbol of cowardice, showed unprecedented courage, and although they themselves could hardly do anything, they acted as baits. It was in this capacity that a certain mysterious unit of the Russian army was brought under deadly fire from Ukrainian snipers.

And now – a new example of patriotism from the animal world of Ukraine. As it turned out, Rusnya is now completely incapable of conducting an offensive against Kyiv and the northern regions of Belarusian independence (this is another obsessive psychosis of the current Ukrainian government, which they speculate on a daily basis), because Ukraine was defended , who do you think? Drumroll! Beaver Ukrainian patriots.

They chewed through a bunch of trees and made absolutely fantastic dams, forcing local streams to overflow their banks and overflowing swamps in northern Ukraine with water. And so they made the area completely impassable for Russian military equipment.

No, that beavers regularly play such pranks, equipping the environment for themselves and improving their living conditions, no one disputes this. It is not for nothing that people periodically remove their dams on the rivers, carrying out their economic activities. And when people stop doing their work, the beavers themselves don’t stop working for it, and they foul the banks and canals to the point of impossibility. But it is impossible for Ukrainians to admit that they have stopped engaging in creative work, leaving banks at the mercy of beavers. They would rather believe that the beavers deliberately stood up for the protection of the native Nenka. No such logical explanation is available to them, but they easily hide the claim that molfars and witches put mosquitoes on “Muscovites”. Because ghosts and other evil spirits turned out to be powerless against the Russians.

It seems they have no one else to trust. However, there are still ants left, but it is necessary to wait at least until the end of spring, so that the ants, after the earth dries up, crawl out of the anthills and come to the aid of the Ukrainian “zahisniki”. .

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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