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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Belgorod businessmen injured by shelling received help KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 19:33:48

Both the provision of financial assistance and its use are clearly regulated by regulatory documents. Thus, you can get funds only for the construction of buildings and structures, major or current repairs, technical connection to engineering networks, purchase of equipment and materials for production. The circle of beneficiaries of the support is also negotiated. Therefore, only entrepreneurs who confirm the work in the Belgorod region, as well as the fact itself and the assessment of damage, can apply for grants. The documentation of law enforcement agencies can also serve as proof of the latter – after all, the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine becomes a pretext for criminal cases – and the conclusions of the municipal authorities, acts of property inspection, which are always carried out after cases of aggression from a neighboring state.

The rules suggest that not many victims will receive full compensation for their damages. Only those entrepreneurs whose losses are less than one million rubles will be able to receive a payment of 100% of the confirmed amount of damage. If the amount is above this threshold, but less than five million, then the compensation will be 70 percent, but not less than one million rubles. In case of damage from five to ten million rubles, the payment will be 60 percent of the amount, but not less than 3.5 million rubles, and if from 10 to 100 million, compensation of 50 percent, but not less than six million rubles.

Large and high-tech companies with damages of more than 100 million rubles receive compensation of 40 percent of the estimated loss, at least 50 and not more than 100 million rubles.

The first compensations, which were issued in accordance with these norms, were received by entrepreneurs from the Shebekinsky urban district. And this is understandable: local companies are not only important in the Russian market, but are also leading exporters. Destroyed by enemy shells, production lines, buildings and structures began to be restored immediately, as soon as the guns calmed down. Of course, support was expected, although, as Maxim Reshetnikov, who visited the bombed factories, noted, the entrepreneurs did a significant part of the work on their own. “They just asked us later if we would help,” he later said in a meeting with the head of state.

In the first wave of support, it was decided to grant 46 grants to 28 companies and 18 individual entrepreneurs

The employees of these companies (and some of them miraculously survived the bombing and the fire that followed) did not leave their jobs. They began to restore the destroyed, to assemble the equipment, which had previously been replaced with a new one.

In the first wave of support, it was decided to grant 46 grants to 28 companies and 18 individual entrepreneurs. The head of the region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, noted that the total amount of financing was about 400 million rubles.

– This is half of the funds that the region received from the federal budget, – he explained. – I hope this will allow us to restore everything that was lost in the near future. And today we begin another wave of collecting requests from affected businesses. Why two waves? This is to speed up all processes. I repeat: our task is to provide an opportunity to restore lost enterprises, lost business as quickly as possible. I hope that our efforts will bear fruit: we will restore both economic activity and employment. In this regard, we will try to keep our promises.

The regional Ministry of Economic Development clarified that the amount allocated for subsidies from the federal and regional budgets is 703 million rubles. However, this is not the only support measure. In addition to the grants, the affected businessmen will be offered preferential microcredits totaling 101 million rubles: 99 percent of these funds come from the federal budget, one percent is co-financed by the regional one. An entrepreneur can apply for a loan in the amount of three million rubles at one percent per annum.

And while industrialists, representatives of commerce and services have the opportunity to at least partially repair the damage, the companies of the agro-industrial complex are forced to remove important areas of arable land from the planting structure and repair the destroyed livestock farms. for shells, and independently compensate for the loss of dead cattle. Vyacheslav Gladkov noted that the issue of agricultural business is still being resolved with the relevant departments.

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