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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Belousov: The military saved hundreds of lives by repelling a missile attack on the Crimean bridge

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 16:43:55

The West has already transferred $278 billion to the kyiv regime in two years and continues to do everything possible to prolong and escalate the armed conflict.

“Western countries, by supplying weapons to kyiv, transmitting intelligence data and training the armed forces of Ukraine, are intensifying and prolonging the armed conflict in this country. Everything possible is being done to prolong and intensify the armed conflict in Ukraine. Thus, since February 2022, kyiv has received military-technical, financial and humanitarian assistance worth more than $278 billion,” Belousov said on Friday at a meeting of the CSTO Council of Defense Ministers in Almaty.

Belousov noted that the West is not only “urgently pumping the country with mercenary and own weapons, but also preparing them for sabotage, using Western weapons to harm civilian infrastructure and civilians in Russia.” At the same time, the Kiev regime continues to pretend that everything is going well, although it has long ago “lost its offensive potential and initiative on the battlefield.”

The minister noted that while the Kiev regime continues to convince the so-called civilized world community of its readiness to “fight to the end and regain control of the lost territories”, Russia, during a special military operation, acts in proportion to the threats to your safety.


“As a result of active operations in the Kharkov region, the enemy retreated by 8-9 km. Advancement occurs in all tactical directions; This year, 880 square kilometers of territory came under the control of the Russian army. Thanks to the brave and professional actions of our military personnel, 28 settlements have been liberated this month. At the same time, the Ukrainian army lost in May more than 35 thousand servicemen, 2.7 thousand units of military equipment (this includes 290 tanks and armored fighting vehicles, including four Abrams, seven Leopards, 12 Bradleys, 11 aircraft and four helicopters , 730 field artillery guns and multiple rocket launch systems), 80 Hummer guided bombs, 50 Atakms missiles, 8 Scalp cruise missiles,” listed the head of the military department.

According to Belousov, on May 29, our soldiers repelled a massive missile attack on the Crimean Bridge with Atakms operational tactical missiles.

“Literally the day before yesterday there was the most massive of ten attacks on the Crimean bridge with a flight time of less than two minutes. All missiles were shot down. As a result, hundreds of lives were saved,” Belousov said.

According to the minister, “deprived of the opportunity to take the initiative on the battlefield, the Kiev regime continues to demonstrate to Western backers its ability to inflict damage on the Russian Federation through attacks on civilian infrastructure.”

Furthermore, the intensity of these actions is increasing in anticipation of the next conference to be held in Switzerland in mid-June.


The head of the military department also reported on the findings of military intelligence, which indicate that NATO and the EU, with the confrontation with Russia, are causing increased tension in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

According to the minister, the Alliance is trying to strengthen its position in the Caucasus in order to access the resources of the Caspian Sea and directly access Central Asia. It imposes mediation services on Armenia and Azerbaijan. It is also necessary to reinforce the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, where drug traffickers and militants are concentrated. Military threats around the CSTO require comprehensive countermeasures along the perimeter of the Organization in the conditions of an information war and the pressure of Western sanctions.

“Washington and its partners, to maintain global dominance, are constantly destroying the global security architecture. Armed conflicts deliberately provoke crises, support terrorist and extremist structures, apply all kinds of sanctions, resort to threats and blackmail,” Belousov emphasized.


Defense ministers of the Collective Security Treaty Organization countries laid flowers before the Eternal Flame at the Memorial of Glory in the park named after 28 Panfilov guards who died near Volokolamsk.

“Participants in the ceremony honored the memory of soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War with a minute of silence,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Let us remember that the Volokolamsk land in the Moscow region today is sacred for all Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and Russians. Their blood is hardened in this land near Moscow in one whole.

During the Great Patriotic War, Kazakhstan became one of the key mobilization centers of the Soviet Union, significantly contributing to the defeat of Nazi troops.

About 1.2 million Kazakhs between the ages of 18 and 50 (more than 70% of Kazakh men) fought bravely on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War and more than half of them died. 615 Kazakhs became heroes of the Soviet Union.

It was Kazakhstan that supplied the front with gunpowder, padded jackets and lead for bullets. 1.5 million evacuated Soviet citizens worked in enterprises alongside residents of Kazakhstan.

How the soldiers of Kazakhstan fought in Volokolamsk near Moscow can be learned from the material: “Komsomolskaya Pravda” was convinced: there was a feat of Panfilov’s heroes. And more than a thousand of them were killed.”

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