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Saturday, December 2, 2023
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“Biden called Scholz on the carpet so that he would not twist his tail”: a political scientist on Germany’s decision to apply “unlimited sanctions” against Russia

Date: December 2, 2023 Time: 23:52:28

Leaders of the United States and Germany meet at the White House


Biden and Scholz agreed to unlimited sanctions against Russia. They will act for as long as necessary, the leaders of the United States and Germany said at a meeting at the White House.

KP.RU political observer Alexander Gamov asked former Ogonyok editor-in-chief Vitaly Korotich, who lived in the US for 10 years, what this means for Russia.

– Vitaly Alekseevich, you know the American mentality, but it is not clear to an ordinary person, “non-American”, what is it about? – Gamov asked Korotich.

This has two meanings…

– In the statement published on the US government website after the meeting between Biden and Scholz, one more thing is said: “The leaders of the two countries confirmed their readiness” – “to impose consequences on Russia. .. – as much as needed.”

– So, first of all, Scholz has repeatedly said that he is bad with tanks, and bad with that, and with this …

– Okay, yes…

– And in general, they say, the crosses on the towers of tanks in Russia cause bad associations …

So he was called to the mat, as we say, to Washington.

– To the Washington Regional Committee.

– Okay, yes. And they said: come on, don’t twist your tail there, come on, do as you are told.

And Scholz made all the statements he was supposed to make. What, yes, we will do everything, help, etc.

And Blinken (US Secretary of State – AG), who has now traveled through Africa, Central Asia, the former Soviet, and even managed to meet some Chinese leaders. He now he was clearly carrying out a “responsible mission”: “to separate Russia from the rest of the world.”

– This is the second meaning of American politics.

– In the summer, they are going to hold an Africa-Russia conference in St. Petersburg, and Blinken intimidated the African countries that if they contact Russia, the United States will punish them very severely.

In Central Asia, he offered them anything, so that they would be led by anyone, but not by Russia.

In short, this is what was now between Scholz and Biden, this is a part of the general US policy: to separate, isolate Russia.

This is the opportunity they want to use to the end…

– But there is probably a third meaning – the US spending on a special operation in Ukraine, which is not justified in any way …

– Biden has already injected more than a hundred billion dollars from the US budget into Ukraine. Losing by investing that amount of money means condemning yourself not just to impeachment, but perhaps to a lawsuit.

The owner of the White House cannot afford this, and will now shake all the so-called members of the collective West, force them to stand still and do as they are told.

This is a very long process, it has been like this from the beginning. But now he has acquired a special directness.

– That’s interesting, but Vladimir Putin’s phrase is somehow translated into English, what did he say the other day? “We’ll get them.” How does “American” sound?

– Well, it is necessary to take a skillful translator …

– Do not understand?

– In words – no.

We will have to endure in difficult conditions.

Now everything was there (in American politics. – AG), up to the fact that China was obliged to help Ukraine in this confrontation.

– Yes it was. None of this will work, of course…

I also want to believe that. But the fact is that the Americans were very seriously alarmed.

And now there is some kind of decisive round going on, they understand this a little more, and it will be very bad if the losses in Ukraine are big, but there are no victories.

So they are trying to squeeze other countries and do everything possible to justify their incredible expenses and their idiotic plan, in relation to Russia. To the point of dismemberment…

– That is, it still does not reach your brains that this is impossible?

– You see, the impossible cannot be for them, they are sure that everything is possible with the Americans.

– Well, and fools.

– No one has taught them a lesson yet.

If you already say so, then the United States is perhaps one of the few countries in the world that has never been hit by a single foreign bomb.

Never! None…

No matter how much the United States fought, it was always for power.

And now, with approximately the same tactics, they want to win a “big win”, and their hesitation is unacceptable. They try to suppress them, with propaganda, with the supply of weapons, with anything, if only, to survive.

Now the US already wants to hold out anyway, because the issue is its reputation, so to speak. Everything is very difficult.

And one more thing – they are guided by the fact that if Russia begins to “surrender”, many countries that now look back at Russia will immediately withdraw.

That is, there is such a big, cynical and harsh game.

– They wont be able. What do your friends in the United States say?

– They’re just excited. They really don’t want this to happen.

They don’t like price increases, they don’t like all this mess.

They do not want the US to organize its garrisons in the countries of Eastern Europe and Western Europe, and anywhere outside the country.

– And you tell them, let them “squeeze” Biden.

– Yes, Biden, you know… Americans now talk more and more about their health… And doctors believe that he thinks completely inadequately.

In general, the year 2024 is brewing – the election of the president of the United States. And they have some very scary games right now.

– It is empty. Let us still hope for the sanity of the American people, whom you know well.

– We will do it …

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