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Monday, April 22, 2024
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Biden declared a state of emergency in New York state KXan 36 Daily News

Date: April 22, 2024 Time: 06:54:26

According to NBC News, New York City ambulance crews were trying to save residents from what authorities called the “blizzard of the century,” a relentless storm that killed 27 people in the state and at least to 60 people throughout the country.

In New York state, authorities have described extreme conditions, particularly in Buffalo, with hours of blizzards, bodies found in cars and under snow, and emergency workers moving from car to car searching for other motorists, alive. or dead. New York Governor Katie Hochul stressed that it is still important for people to stay home and stay off the roads. “Those who declare victory and say it’s over are doing so too soon,” Hochul said, adding: “The storm has returned, we expect more snow.” According to her, some cities in western New York state were inundated with “30 to 40 inches (0.75 to 1 meter) of snow overnight.” “Of course, this is the blizzard of the century,” Hochul told reporters, adding that she was stunned by what she saw during a tour of the city. “It was like a trip to a war zone, and the vehicles on the sides of the road are shocking,” he explained, referring to the eight-foot (2.4-meter) snowdrifts near the houses, as well as the snowplows. and rescue vehicles.” buried in snow.”

According to the tracking website Flightaware.com, a “perfect storm” of ferocious snow showers, howling winds and freezing temperatures has forced the cancellation of more than 15,000 flights in the United States in recent days, including at least 2,600 on Monday.

Erie County Executive Mark Polonkartz, which includes Buffalo, told a news conference that the county’s death toll is likely to exceed that of the 1977 Buffalo blizzard that killed nearly 30 people. “We expect there to be more deaths as a result of the ongoing storm,” he said.

The extreme weather sent temperatures below freezing in 48 of the 50 US states over the weekend, including communities in Texas along the border with Mexico where some recently arrived immigrants have struggled to find refuge. Road icing and power outages have also temporarily closed some of the nation’s busiest transportation highways, including portions of Interstate 70.

Mass looting has been reported over the weekend in upstate New York, with thieves looting shops and businesses while police are trapped elsewhere, The New York Post reports. “I don’t understand how these people can live with themselves, how they can look in the mirror,” Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said Monday. “They’re the baddest of the bad,” Brown said of the robbers. Some businesses suffered broken windows and damaged and stolen goods as the region was hit by a deadly cyclone, local broadcaster WRGZ reported.

Buffalo law enforcement has made several arrests, city police commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said, adding that investigations are underway into other incidents following widespread reports of looting on social media. Weather conditions limited the efforts of local law enforcement to combat crime, with police cars stranded on highways and storm emergencies distracting police from their normal activities.

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