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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Biden hangs up Xi Jinping’s phone while visiting Putin: Chinese leader’s visit to Moscow horrified the US

Date: June 3, 2023 Time: 23:47:47

Out of habit, Washington tried to directly instruct Xi Jinping to “put pressure on Moscow.” didn’t work


On the eve of the Chinese leader’s visit to Moscow, there was an alarming expectation in the Western media, similar to a theatrical comment: “the sound of a stretched string is heard”. “China’s top leader will reaffirm his ‘unlimited’ association with a global pariah,” CNN reported. Finally, the “rope” burst, Comrade Xi’s plane landed in Russia. And then it began: hysteria, despair, wringing hands … In a word, “Boss, everything is gone!”

Since it was not possible to disrupt Xi’s visit to Moscow to the “outcast” Putin (and how, frankly, how could this be done?), it is necessary to engage him. Did China come up with an initiative on Ukraine? Nonsense! “Western capitals fear,” wisely The New York Times, “that Xi’s visit to Moscow, on the contrary, will add fuel to the fire. China has not yet condemned Russia for the operation in Ukraine, but it has not directly supported it either. In Western capitals, if you read carefully what they write about the negotiations that began in Moscow, they are not afraid, but they are afraid that Beijing could become the main mediator in the search for peace in Ukraine. Although they try not to show it. “Xi Jinping does not have many tools to persuade both Moscow and kyiv to peace, because both sides are only confident of their victory,” Time writes. “If the leader of the PRC came to Moscow for this very purpose, his visit will, with a high degree of probability, end in failure.”

Well, they buried him right away… Has it become easier? No, even worse. Otherwise, why would Secretary Blinken publicize American concerns? What is worth only his comment about President Biden’s desire to urgently speak by phone with President Xi, which cannot be done in any way. Comrade Xi is busy, isn’t it clear or what? He will have to wait…

John Kirby, the US Security Council’s strategic communications coordinator, could barely hide the nervous tremor in his voice: “We call on President Xi to play a constructive role in speaking with President Zelensky… We believe that China you should listen to the ukrainians. , not only the Russians. And we call on President Xi to directly press President Putin on the need to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Yes, the logic is this: since Xi has already arrived in Moscow, then he listens to what you need to tell Putin… Are you serious? Or are they faking?

Rather, they still pretend. Because they cannot help but understand: in Moscow, a new post-American world is acquiring concrete contours, which the West will not like very much. For this reason, they no longer hesitate to say that Putin and Xi are agreeing to a “cold war-2”, and they pretend that Washington and Brussels have nothing to do with it, they are exclusively for world peace. But not now, but later, when together they will defeat Russia… And suddenly they understand: now China, which has become so friendly with the Russians, will also have to win. Out of inertia, some American congressmen even kicked: why not deprive the Chinese of the right to trade normally with us?

The main mistake made by the US administration, which no one tries to talk about out loud, but this does not disappear anywhere: Washington’s actions to “cut off” Moscow and Beijing at once led to the opposite result. The two enemies of the United States -by their own definition- decided to be even stronger friends, and also in the technical-military field. In the early 1970s, the Americans managed to drive a wedge between the USSR and China, drawing the latter to them. It was a strategic victory that largely predetermined the decline of the Soviet Union. But half a century later, Biden also achieved a strategic result, only with a negative sign for Americans. Yes, and for the Europeans, although they will put up with everything…

The quiet confidence that the leaders of Russia and China display in their communication, speaking of their countries’ great prospects and their determination to make the world a fairer place, literally infuriates the West. But in the global South it is of sincere interest. “Xi timed his visit to Moscow on the 20th anniversary of the Iraq war for a reason,” writes India’s The Print. “To justify increased economic and security cooperation, both China and Russia have resorted to attacking the United States over wars in the Middle East and other parts of the world.”

And these “attacks on the United States”, apparently, do not cause rejection in most countries of the world who would like to live not by American “rules”, but, as the leaders of Russia and China suggest, by international law.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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