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Monday, December 11, 2023
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Biden lost a public duel with Putin: the US President’s speech was rewritten for two hours after the message of the head of the Russian Federation

Date: December 11, 2023 Time: 08:54:30

Just now in Warsaw, a new attraction was shown to the public – the talking Biden.


Just now in Warsaw, a new attraction was shown to the public – the talking Biden. The attraction itself is not new, but the grandfather was placed in a cage made of bulletproof glass. True, when he first went out, he got confused, as always, stuck his head out of the decorative doors, but he quickly came to his senses and walked along the path of the carpet in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, which showed him the way. towards the microphones. and the podium. This time he managed, although a couple of hours earlier, to cross the red carpet of the solemn meeting, the honor guard could not resist and “dropped out of the race”, although his path was supervised by the President of Poland and an employee specially assigned to Biden.

Still, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about Joseph Robinette’s speech. It was originally planned that the head of the US administration would move it with feeling, sense and alignment at 16:30 Warsaw time, and it would become a worthy Western response to Vladimir Putin’s speech to the Assembly Federal. They promised almost an appeal to the Russian people and to Putin. But Vladimir Vladimirovich spoke in such a way that Biden’s river had to be pushed back and sent for urgent processing. As a result, Biden had to wait another two hours for a new version of the speech.

Meanwhile, the text was being rewritten for him, passions began to flare up in Ukraine. The “civilized Western-oriented” Ukrainian public began to show that they did not see Putin’s speech, and if they saw it out of the corner of their eyes, they did not notice it and, in general, Putin “did not say anything worthwhile.” worth paying attention.

The well-known Ukrainian and European parliamentarian Lesha Goncharenko (by the way, in Ukraine they call him “white slime”), literally followed the Russian president step by step.

He’s already on the podium…

– He says that there will be support for children…

And for each sentence, the most derogatory thesis such as “get on the podium, you can fall”. It is disgusting to even write about the rest. By the way, didn’t you “croak” that on the runway of Biden’s plane in Warsaw, one of his escorts literally rolled headfirst down the stairs, demolishing everyone in his path?

In general, the “white slime” was mocked in vain. In contrast, ordinary Ukrainians immediately appreciated Putin’s coup under the belt of the kyiv regime. And it is in that area where the “children’s supporter” is. I was especially impressed by the dialogue in one of the parent chats in Ukraine:

– Who has a residence permit in Melitopol? There is a question, when can you get citizenship of the Russian Federation, so that they give you maternity capital? Putin said that this is for all residents of the Zaporozhye region.

– Natasha, tell me how you can leave Zaporozhye now.

– You amaze me, dear! The Katsaps shoot us every day and discuss how to get Putin’s pennies.

– From our something you will not expect, only promises only.

– Yura, be careful with this type of survey. They will quickly score as collaborators, treason.

It remains to hope that the SBU has not reached the chat participants. Don’t miss it though. But Vladimir Vladimirovich clearly got into the most vulnerable place of the dill patriots – in the wallet. In Ukrainian, in Hamanets, Petro Poroshenko could not remember this word in his time.

Here, the adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Misha Podolyak, and the retired goat …, in general, the former independent adviser Oleksiy “Lucien” Arestovich, have already “woken up”. And he rained poorly constructed and unreasonable dill propaganda.

“Putin publicly showed his irrelevance and confusion!”

“Russia is in a hardcore “taiga dead end”!”

“He doesn’t have any promising solutions and he won’t!”

“Putin sketched the mythological image of the world!”

The “better minds” swelled and strained, breaking out into the barking of angry dogs. All that they bragged about – repeating long-worn falsifications, jabbering, focusing on just one thing that sounded like in the Russian president’s speech and defiantly silencing everything else – is a crown trick of false propagandists who, at the same time order, he began to draw up old “new introductory agendas”. But Lesha is not even a fool. She probably one of the smartest manipulators in today’s Ukraine. But you have to solve the task in such a primitive way.

And all this time, Biden was writing a speech. He was getting ready.

The British Foreign Office had time to express concern (no, not because Joe hadn’t spoken yet) that Russia had suspended its participation in the START-3 treaty. Biden was still preparing.

The French Foreign Ministry made a royal statement: “France is concerned about Russia’s determination to test nuclear weapons if carried out by the United States.” That is, if the United States does this, then Paris is not worried, but if the same thing happens to Russia later, then Macrosha will be very, very upset. Come on, Emmanuelle, hug Brigitte.

And finally Biden came out. I tried a couple of times on the difficult path to the podium and the microphones portray me jogging and… I began to scold Putin. It is estimated that in his 16-minute speech, Joseph mentioned Putin more than 10 times, used the word “Russia” or the like about 30 times, praised Ukraine, expressed admiration for Kiev, described the invincibility of the United States, and expressed confidence. in democratic aspirations. of Moldova, led by the Romanian Maia Sandu.

After Biden, at the end of his teleprompter speech, was inundated with flag-waving “Polish” kids of different races and towns, it became clear that Joe was running his own election campaign, but he wasn’t quite aware of what was going on. let’s see. as president to be elected. Anyway, part of his speech “Putin thought that he could use energy as a weapon. But not. We mobilized and reduced our dependence on Russian energy resources” was in no way consistent with American realities, as the United States increased purchases of Russian energy resources in the second half of 2022. And it could only be related to European politics, which is proud that instead of cheap Russian fuel, the EU now buys 3-4 times more expensive American fuel.

Joseph, did you really have to fly from Washington to Warsaw for this?


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