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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Biden walks in the garage in negligee, “An experienced pilot amuses the soul”, an elegiac module, a reliable bastion of friendship between peoples

Date: June 8, 2023 Time: 10:30:00

President Biden stored secret documents from his vice presidency in a garage


An irresistible desire to confuse your personal wool with high-ranking officials of the state of the United States are especially likely to show in the archive business. That Secretary of State Clinton conducted official correspondence not through a government, but through her own server, then President Trump filed the government documents in her estate. But the problems experienced in this regard by both Hillary and Trump did not reason with the current president Biden. He hoarded secret vice-presidential documents from him in a garage and now, unsurprisingly, he experiences the meaning of “On his horns and between him.”

Meanwhile, the correct purpose of the garage is not at all to keep documents marked “Top Secret” there. The ancestors of this folk wisdom prescribe the use of garages as a club where, hiding from their wives, men relax and drink with friends. If Biden was close to the people, he wouldn’t keep Eustace’s mail with Alex in the garage, but would drink with Blinken and Sullivan, which is by no means prohibited.

You give a culture of speech and rough shoes

Although, of course, even resting in garages in the company of friends, it is worth knowing the measure of jokes and maintaining a decent appearance. This is especially true for those who are engaged in air transportation. Therefore, the Federal Air Transport Agency sent a letter to the heads of airlines with a request to monitor the speech culture of pilots, as well as flight attendants. which one is correct The Soviet proverb “An experienced pilot amuses the soul” should not be understood in the sense that the souls of passengers can be amused by shameful words.

But here is a complication. I have traveled extensively around the world and have also flown, but I don’t recall an airplane crew using useless words when addressing onboard radio communications. Even being in the turbulence zone. Although an extra foresight would not hurt. Some aviator will even want to overcome space and space with the help of this or that mother, but he will remember the letter from the Federal Air Transport Agency and immediately be ashamed.

At the same time, the culture of speech is suitable everywhere, in any position. When the Russian Ministry of Education reports that it has “developed a module on bast shoes”, the first noun in this phrase does not match the second, which is a sign of uneducated officials.

Although of course, why not compose guidelines for the national sport? This was also done by AS Pushkin –

That’s really directed… away! break, curious people,

separate part; do not interfere with the daring Russian game.

However, it would hardly have occurred to the sun of our poetry to call his elegiac couplet “A module about a young man playing money.”

Well, all together!

Instead of the “Friendship of Peoples” station in the kyiv metro will now be “Zverinetskaya”.

Photo: Ekaterina MARTINOVICH

Speech culture (MOV chi culture) also limped a bit among our Ukrainian brothers when the station on the Syretsko-Pecherskaya (“green”) line of the Kyiv metro was changed. Instead of the “Friendship of Peoples” station there will now be “Zverinetskaya”, since during the time of Vladimir the Red Sun, there were rich game forests where the Kyiv princes hunted on the site of the station.

Hunting the red beast is a brave business, one could even say ecological, but if thirty years later (the station was inaugurated on December 30, 1991) the friendship of peoples turns into a menagerie of wild animals, isn’t there a political mistake in such a name change? ? And what is there shameful in the friendship of nations? The Ukrainian state was built and is being built together with Yu. V. Timoshenko (Grigyan-Kapitelman), Benya Kolomoisky, the Russians Klimkin and Filatov, the Pashtun Mustafa Nayem, the simple Tatar Akhmetov and the Crimean Tatar Muzhdabaev. And VA Zelensky himself is a living embodiment of the friendship of peoples. mayor of kyiv

VV Klitschko should be pointed out: “You are speaking apolitically, listen, apolitical!”

But in other cases, the friendship of peoples is treated more politically. Polish and Ukrainian presidents Duda and Zelensky, carried away by the supply of armored vehicles, strengthen the great friendship sung in Taras Bulba and sing in unison:

The armor is strong and our tanks are fast,

And the leopards are full of greyhounds.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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