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Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Biden will not communicate with Xi Jinping: Discords and quarrels have begun in the United States over the friendship of China and Russia

Date: June 4, 2023 Time: 00:03:48

Vitali Korotich

Photo: Alexander GAMOV

… – Vitaly Alekseevich, good morning. I’m not early (The call was on a Sunday at 7 am.)

– Not well. I don’t sleep at night. I have a small flow in the basement under the house, well, a lot of water, spring …

– Look, the reaction in the United States to the visit of the Chinese leader to Moscow… Biden has already spoken a couple of times that, like, the importance of the Moscow talks at the highest level, and, in general, Xi La Jinping’s visit is “exaggerated”… But Trump (only that the information arrived) believes that Putin and Xi Jinping discussed the world order in Moscow for the next hundred years. And he also said that “President Xi is smart, and President Putin is smart, very smart people stood up and discussed the world order…” And, according to the former US president, Russia and China are now united . Why so much discrepancy and diversity?

– It is an element not only of pre-election struggle.

The fact is that Xi Jinping and Putin are supporters of a multipolar world. And the Americans believed and believe that there should be only one owner on the planet, that is, only they, and you can’t talk about this anymore.

Trump, who claims to be the boss of the United States and is now proving in every possible way that he will be a wonderful president, is compromising what his current competitor, Biden, is doing.

And he tries to exaggerate the importance of Xi Jinping’s meeting with Putin.

– It’s you – on the politics of Russia and China – for 100 years.

– The fact is that neither you, nor I, none of us really know all the details that Xi Jinping and Putin talked about.

Their first personal meeting on the first day lasted about 5 hours, and they spoke absolutely without witnesses, together.

What were they talking about?

And, therefore, the first thing that Biden could say is that it is beneficial for him: the importance of this meeting must not be exaggerated, nothing special happened there.

And it was equally possible to foresee what Trump would say, who, in fact, said: they say, Biden missed the organization of a new center of influence in the world, he missed this meeting and now he is trying to hide from it in every way. possible.

– Yesterday there was a great interview with Putin in Russia 24, and he told how he invited a guest to his Kremlin apartment and how they talked at home, over tea. It is clear that we were talking about grandiose plans.

– Alright. And it was wonderfully received, and well received.

But still, we don’t know what the meaning was. After all, he came not only to tour the apartment and the Kremlin. There were some strategic talks.

– Here!

– And that was the point. And, as a rule, meetings like Xi Jinping and Putin are prepared in advance. There can be no surprises there, everything they say is already conditioned.

– Tell me, in any case, is this meeting for the benefit of the world? Putin said: they, among other things, discussed the peace plan.

– You see, this is for the benefit of the world we want it to be.

This is to the benefit of a world in which there are several centers of power, and these centers do not fight each other. And they simply arrange life in such a way that it is possible not to exist under the dictates, under the order, under the whip, as it were, of a master.

The Americans do not recognize any competition in anything.

And, when Biden now says: oh, what nonsense, – just think, we met …

And, at the same time, they begin to tighten sanctions against China.

Its importance in the world is trying to belittle itself.

China is trying to teach him and explain that if he is on good terms with Russia, it will end badly for him.

And Trump, on the contrary, says that that’s it, Biden already screwed everything up, China and Russia have become friends, they are in strategic agreements. And therefore, let’s talk with you now about how we can correct the absurdity of Biden’s political course, which led to the fact that it is so.

– In any case, the multipolarity that we need – has become stronger. Have you heard that Biden, well, there is no way to communicate with Xi Jinping?

– Yes. Do you yourself understand what it is?

It’s not like Uncle Petya called Aunt Masha. Such conversations are usually a closed line, everything is agreed, how, when, what? And only after that they should talk to each other.

And if there is no consistency here, there is nothing, then it means that someone is simply not very eager to communicate.

The fact is that several times Biden behaved quite rudely towards China. They yell at China.

And in this sense, we can only say that now there is the very “draw” of places in the world, the struggle for leadership …

But, although we can’t track it down with all the details.

You and I and everyone else must wait a little longer and see how real things will be, what concrete changes will take place, where China will help Russia, where Russia will help China, what will be…

– Thank you. I understand. The main thing is that we must continue to strengthen and strengthen multipolarity. Along with China. And it’s like a spring flood. There is no escape from him now. Are?

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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