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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Bill Gates’ summer book list includes harsh criticism of the United States

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 17:43:53

Every year, Bill Gates shares a list of books he recommends reading during the summer.


Bill Gates, billionaire included in the top ten of Forbes, the owner of Microsoft, knows how to make sharp turns both in business and in his personal life: he divorced his wife Melinda (they were together for 27 years) and began an affair with the wealthy widow Paula Hurd. one of the first to address the topic of Artificial Intelligence… But what he is consistent about is his habit of sharing every year a list of books that he recommends reading during the summer. KP.RU tells what these works are about.

The businessman explained on what basis he chose literature: “When the news headlines are related to world conflicts, we must be inspired by the values ​​of those who help others.” But is it really that simple?


Gates: “This novel is a tribute to veterans who deserve greater recognition for the sacrifices they have made.”

“KP”: The plot takes the reader to the turbulent sixties, when American society was divided by the Vietnam War. Gates, a supporter and patron of the Democratic Party, seems to have seen a parallel to the division in modern America and is implying: we should trust women. Is Michelle Obama the next presidential candidate?

The main protagonist is nurse Frankie, who radically changed her life after hearing the phrase: “Women can be heroines too.” She becomes an army nurse and flies to the front.

The main emotional trauma he suffered was not even the war itself, but the situation in the United States, torn by protests.

Quotes: “We trusted our parents’ stories of good and evil, the American myth of justice and honor. “The war destroyed our lives and revealed a beautiful lie.”

“In this crazy, chaotic, divided world run by men, women need to be counted on.”


Gates: “If you want to help create a more just world, but don’t know where to start, Contagious Generosity is for you.”

KP: The author believes that we can all turn discontent into optimism by rethinking generosity, “one of the fundamental human virtues.” He believes generosity can become contagious. Chris Anderson, former editor and journalist, created a platform for the exchange of new ideas TED Talks (a format that ranges from closed conferences with the participation of famous people to videos on the Internet).

Anderson gives examples, not too impressive. A hairdresser in London began giving haircuts to homeless people, after which a movement arose in which his colleagues gave haircuts to homeless people. Two anonymous donors gave $10,000 to two hundred strangers; Most of these lucky people supposedly also started making generous donations.

The third example is the author’s own platform, which replaced the distribution of donations with the “distribution of ideas.” We look at this site. Only basic lectures such as “Why Fireflies Glow” or “How Gas Masks Work” are free there. If you want to listen to the best speakers and ask them questions, pay $5 a month. In general, it looks like infogytanism. It’s hard to believe that corporate shark Gates takes any of this seriously. Or are you already tired of donating billions to charities?

Quote: “People gave each other food, flowers and clothes. But a gigantic change has occurred: today, the intangible, the unique fruits of the human mind, have an increasingly greater value. Give creatively, give bravely. And may the magic of generosity spread throughout the Universe!


Gates: “Sal, the founder of Khan Academy, was a pioneer in educational technology long before the advent of artificial intelligence. He now maintains that AI will help everyone have access to a top-notch education.”

“KP” – Khan Academy is based on the principle of online videos on various topics, designed to help schoolchildren and students. One of the main sponsors of the project is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Melinda, however, decided to leave the foundation).

Khan is confident that AI will revolutionize education, will be able to take into account the characteristics of each student and will become a “powerful personal mentor” for him, like Aristotle for Alexander the Great. The book is full of public relations for the Khan Academy-based artificial intelligence service Khanmigo, for which future Macedonians – or their fathers and mothers – must shell out $4 a month.

Quote: “Artificial Intelligence will remake any news article to suit the age of the student, removing unnecessary details.” Nobody denies the potential of AI in education. But the question is: if education is controlled by the Gates Foundation, which is already famous for its virus research, who will control the Foundation?


Gates: “Brooks gives practical advice on “listening out loud,” a practice that can help others feel valued. “This is a model for a more humane way of life.”

“KP”: “There are people around us who feel invisible and misunderstood,” laments the author. If this is corrected, there will be less hostility between different groups in society. These are Brooks’ postulates.

– Disagreement with another’s principles should not poison relationships. You must know how to listen and be able to end a conversation elegantly. Ask for forgiveness and forgive more often. Hold meetings and gatherings so that each participant feels surrounded by love and attention.

– People long to be asked questions about who they are. “The human need for self-presentation is very strong,” says psychologist Ethan Kross. A study by Harvard neuroscientists showed that people enjoy sharing information about themselves more than receiving money.

– Good conversationalists ask to tell stories not about events, but about experiences. They don’t want to know what happened, but rather how you felt when it happened. For example, you were fired. Was the layoff a complete disaster or did it set you on a new path for which you are now very grateful?

– You need to learn to look at things from another person’s point of view. This is one of the most important skills, but it is not taught in school.

The billionaire himself does not always listen to others. Former Microsoft employees said he yelled at his subordinates like crazy. But, having reached the peak of wealth and fame and partially retired, he can now afford to listen to others.


In addition to the books, there is a series on the list. American-British, about spies. The first season premiered in 2022, the fourth is expected at the end of this year.

Gates: “The movie is about undercover agents. They became part of a group within MI5 that they send people to when they make a big mistake. But not so much that they get fired.”

The main character, counterintelligence agent River Cartwright (played by Gary Oldman), after failing a mission, is exiled to the most boring unit, where he is condemned to shuffle papers. But of course, “slow horses” become “real tigers.”

And among the main antiheroes, as always, are the Russians. Some tall guys with chains around their necks, which no one wears anymore, subject the agent to terrible torture with vodka, pouring glass after glass…

They write that Gates is trying to dispute between China and Russia; that’s why he met with Xi Jinping. But only serial spies always succeed in their tricks, and in real life even a billionaire can fail.

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