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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Black Lenin defends Russia: he learned about the bombing of the ZNPP and went to fight for those who do not lie

Date: June 1, 2023 Time: 18:07:30

Benes served in the DPR and LPR armies for six years. Photo: personal archive

Few of the participants in the SVO can boast of such a varied biography as that of Benes Khristoforovich Ayo. In 2014, people nicknamed the dark-skinned wrestler Black Lenin; after all, he justified all his adventures with the interests of the Russian world and the fight for communism.

A mulatto came to the front as a private in the Russian army in August.

– I was outraged by the July shelling of the ZNPP and especially Donetsk. My mind boiled with indignation and I decided to go to the special operations zone as a volunteer.

The start of the NWO miraculously passed into the hands of Benes Khristoforovich. The fact is that for the past eight years he has been unsuccessfully trying to obtain Russian citizenship.

Recently, Benes was living on three documents: a Latvian passport (by birthright), a DPR passport, and a Russian refugee certificate.

– And how did you join the regular army in the summer without our citizenship? Putin signed the law allowing this only in November.

– I was taken into the Russian Armed Forces as a citizen of the DPR. In 2016, I personally received a passport from Zakharchenko.

– It turns out that now you are finally a citizen of Russia?

– Yes. They told me that I would receive a new passport in two weeks (already received. – Ed.).

Now Benes Ayo is a citizen of the Russian Federation. Photo: personal archive

red different race

– Where do you serve now? What range?

– Territorially, I serve in intelligence, currently in the Zaporozhye region. But I also visit the Donbass direction, Lugansk. I am an ordinary.

– So you were a gunnery sergeant! Just a scant position…

– Intelligence is something new for me, so I am in the position of a private. In the LPR, I was in the artillery. In the DPR, I served in a motorized rifle battalion.

– You yourself chose where to serve and for whom?

– I volunteered. I am not mobilized. As you know, before the mobilization, the volunteers went to those units that, let’s say, are more in their spirit, where they have acquaintances, where they think they can best show themselves.

– Do they react normally to skin color?

– They react very well, they say: “It’s good that men of different races, different nationalities are now in this good cause, in the protection of the Donbass, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, in fact, from Euro-American invaders …”

– Are there already prizes?

– Not now. Well, I’m relatively new, only since August. But I have old ones: “For the defense of Luhansk” and “Warrior-internationalist.”


The path that led Benes Khristoforovich to the front lines of the special operation was thorny. Mulatto was born in 1979 to a Ugandan RUDN University student to a Russian girl. She grew up in eastern Latvia. In the 90s she graduated from the Faculty of Biology of the University of Latvia. In the early 2000s, Benes went to rallies in defense of the Russian language, pasted up posters, and in 2005 landed in a Latvian prison for distributing leaflets with the text: “Let’s show the fucking regime the place or just wring its neck. ”

After her release, Ayo moved away from Sin to London. Here she received another higher education, also biological. In 2012, in The Hague, she participated in a demonstration near the building of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security; along with other activists, she spread leaflets, threw smoke bombs and noise grenades, for which she received 7 months in prison.

In 2014, he traveled to Crimea to support the independence of the peninsula and, after summarizing the results of the referendums, he moved to Donetsk. He was arrested by the SBU and deported to London, but still managed to join the DPR army. He served there until 2020. At the same time, he received a master’s degree in political science at the correspondence department of Luhansk Dahl University.

Already in Russia, Benes again broke into the apartment. It turned out that Latvia put him on the international wanted list for terrorism, mercenarism and espionage. The police detained him at the request of Interpol. True, the authorities quickly found out and the Afro-Latvian was released; in the end, everything that the Balts accused Benes he did for the good of Russia.

In Moscow, Benes earned a living on a construction site. And he spent all his free time participating in environmental actions of the Moscow communists.

Now the fate of the dark-skinned Russian has taken a turn – he is again in Little Russia, only not as a militia, but as a soldier of the Russian army and a citizen of the Russian Federation.


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