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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Bloated Madonna horrified the Grammy audience with a changed face

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 04:22:39

Madonna at the Grammy Awards.


Recently, Madonna’s fans have been watching their idol exclusively on social media. The 64-year-old pop diva rarely appears in public, but she leads an active virtual life. On her page she uploads photos and videos taken exclusively with filters: she has no wrinkles on her face, enhanced cheekbones, a sharp chin. What was the astonishment of the millions of viewers at the Grammy Awards ceremony, who finally saw the singer live. Many later admitted that they simply did not recognize Madonna: she had changed a lot.

The actress took the stage as one of the hostesses of the ceremony. She announced the number for Sam Smith and Kim Petras, who won the Music Award for Best Pop Duo Performance. Madonna dressed in a figure-hugging black suit and had an extravagant hairstyle. But these details failed to divert public attention from the star’s bloated appearance. The artist’s face looked twice as thick as in the images on social networks. Plump cheeks, puffy lips, skin stretched like a drum: Apparently, the singer has had so many plastic surgeries that her features have radically changed. There are really no wrinkles, but also the former Madonna.

The singer in life looks completely different than on social networks.


“Madonna doesn’t look like herself at all”, “She needs to stop having plastic surgery and accept the aging process. She is now almost unrecognizable ”,“ My God, what did Madonna do to herself? ”, Users discussed on social networks after the Grammys.

According to professionals, the singer’s swollen appearance may be a reaction to “beauty shots.” Hyaluronic acid, which cosmetologists inject under the skin of patients for rejuvenation, has the ability to attract water. Puffiness appears, and the facial features simply “float”. At the same time, the wrinkles are greatly smoothed out, but her face looks like a ball.

The pop diva is clearly fascinated by beauty treatments.


Apparently, the singer was rejuvenated again before her anniversary tour. Madonna decided to organize a grandiose world tour on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of her creative activity. The tour under the banner “Four Decades of Music and Greatest Hits” begins on July 15 in Vancouver and will then go through the countries of North America and South America. In October Madonna will move to Europe and will give concerts in London, Antwerp, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Cologne, Milan, Berlin and Amsterdam.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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